Granny Tawanda

My daughter had her first baby on Wednesday.  My granddaughter is biracial, half White, half African-American.  When shy little me actually went up and confronted a woman in the hospital waiting area who wasn't supposed to be there and made her leave, the other grandparents labeled me with the name TAWANDA (from Fried Green Tomatoes).  Instead of thinking that I was showing my backside, they saw me as having empowered myself.  After reading about the meanings of the name, I feel so accepted and glad that I was assertive!

BTW, my new little granddaughter is so beautiful.  She has her Daddy's nose and lips (African-American) and my daughter's long, slender fingers (Caucasian).  Her hair is plentiful, black, and wavy.  She has a powerful set of lungs, which is good.  My daughter is hearing-impaired and she feared that she would not be able to hear her baby cry...NOT going to be a problem, he he!  Perhaps she already takes after her Grandma Tawanda. ;-)
GrannyGrad GrannyGrad
Jul 30, 2010