I Have One And Only Want To Be Around Them!

I have one of the "good guys" and boy was I lucky in snagging him! My boyfriend JJ and I met nearly 5 years ago in San Diego when he was stationed at Miramar with the Marine Corps. I was always attracted to military men because it's a very honorable profession and I can't lie and say I don't like the haircut! He is polite to everyone he meets, a gentleman (he still opens doors for me), has never called me a bad name in anger, has never raised his voice to me ONCE, and is just an all around amazing man.

A few of my friends would comment on it because he never tried to act tough around other guys by being a jerk to me. One girl use to cry every time she was drunk because her boyfriend (now husband) was so disrespectful to her in front of everyone and would always say she wished he was more like my boyfriend who was always so sweet. Another friend was thrilled when she found an amazing guy and emailed me to say, "I found my JJ."

Because of this, I have found myself loathing the company of any man that isn't like him. Isn't that horrible? Men that are openly disrespectful to women and say rude and degrading things about anyone just turn me off completely. Because of this I try to only be around "nice guys" and try to interact with guys that I know would treat me respectfully - as I would them.

My (former) best friend of 18 years is married to a moron. He has cheated (but she refused to believe it - even when one of the "other women" called and described his anatomy and explained their relationship) and tells her to get over the fact that he goes to ***** clubs, even though it bothers her. Personally, I am for ***** clubs if both parties agree - but she doesn't. Any time I was near him (I can count on one hand how many times I've been around him in 5 years!) he's rude and would make fun of me for no reason and openly disrespect her. Telling her to shut up for no reason at all. Answering his cell when she answers saying, "What?" Is that how you answer the phone when your wife calls?

Anyway, to all of the nice guys out there, women do appreciate it! Believe me. Thank you for being you!
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Nice guys are the best GM. The ones who do not demand respect have low self esteem. Self respect comes first then respect for others. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out but it seems it is for a lot of people. I'm glad you got a good man who always measures up for you :) yayyyyy :)