The Many Flavourful Men Of Ep

EP is full of men. So many flavours! Any kind of man you can imagine you can find here. And some you cannot as well.
Pick a quality and someone here possesses it in spades.
Sweetness. Gentleness. Tenderness. Passion. Creativity. Power. Cruelty. Indecision. Untruth. Lust. Love. These and many more.
Some men are athletic. Play so many sports. Some post their photos-clothed or nude. The male form is exquisite. Their lines, their muscles, their butts...Mmmmmmmm. Can't help, but look and admire.
Some men are creative. Look at their homes built with their strong, able hands. Their paintings-vivid with colour and passion. Their stories and poems with words that create vivid images; words that sing; so mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I taste their words. Love their flavours. The way they restore motorcycles, cars, and so much more.
Some men are sexual and sensual. They know how to excite you with words. With gestures. With the naturalness of their passion for women. These men can turn you on. Or get you thinking. Wondering. Imagining. Lusty, handsome, playful men! Some are fickle. Some admit they like to have fun. Some want photos. Some want to Skype. You have to be careful of some of these men. Some are not so good. Just beware. 
Some are men who care. About others. About life. About causes. I listen to their strong words with admiration. Some people are strong enough to support the vulnerable and to protect the weak. These people are wonderful. I have many of these men in my closest circle. When I cry, they hold me. When I need advice, they give it honestly. Caring men are awesome. I cherish them.
Some men are sensitive. I love these men. They openly comment about anything. How can one not admire a man who clearly says what he feels? In these modern times of fast, faster, and fastest, it is nice to be able to know what someone feels. And not to have to wonder. Saves a lot of time and trouble.
Indeed, there are many men on EP. I learn something from each one of them. Beneficial or malignant, the men of EP are here to stay! I am thankful for the men of EP. You rock! Kisses.....
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3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Where is that one guy im looking for?

I like to think of myself as Coffee flavored. Say "whoot to the whoot whoot"
Cream no sugar please, with an espresso shot !
= )

You are very right. There are many different types and flavors of men here. It has been an incredible experience virtually meeting men (and women) here who care and have been extremely supportive & understanding of my needs to heal my heart & soul. Some have made me smile, some have made me cry; some have made me laugh, some have made me angry; some have let me lean on their shoulders, some have lectured me; some have made me feel like a woman again, some have made me feel like a child. No matter what, they are always there. And, of course, they are incredible. I am very grateful for and to the men I've met here. Thank you, with love.