Ep Has A Heart Beat

The best quality about this site is it's ON ..never closed down when you need to read, write, check up on a friend,  send a note or a caring jester.
That's what changed my life 4 years ago.   Back in 2007 I was sitting around, just at the height of the Christmas and New years holidays.Ho hum doesn't describe my boring winter's day. I'd just moved here and had no friends.  I actually said to myself, " wish I had someone to talk to today".
I googled social sites and up came EP.What the heck. never did it before and haven't since. Slowly i signed on, did my quiet thing.Read, wrote a little. People started talking to me..adding me.  Years later and they are still my friends.I'm never alone now.People may or may not respond to what I write but the point for me is that it's here.  Writing isn't everything.Sharing, supporting and caring  is much more.  I meet new friends and that's my wish that came true.  XO Owlie
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I have always loved you and your words of wisdom... simple, pure, honest words! tilts head in honor to my friend!

Guess you didn't know that... I never get over here to ...tell you so. bad me. *smile*

You are a doll. Thank you my Dear! you're the example of who we wish we could have as a friend on EP..You Rock! Hugs and Cheers for you.

Thank you. Ditto...right back at you.

sharing, support and caring ... yup, that is what kind of site this is meant to be and it is. You are always so down-to-earth, fine soul. it's been a pleasure meeting you, left an impression on me. :)..oh..ditto on how i feel about ep.

Hi Morning B..group hug included. I'm going to make cookies...coffee anyone?

And we are glad you found us back.I am so pleased to find caring nice people like you here. Thanx Owlie. xoxo mini

Ah mini..We just met and I already like you so much.I constantly wish the people I meet here actually lived in my town.Shame isn't it? Hugs my friend, Owlie

i came across this site while trying to find a quote i was looking for....anyway when i went to the home page your post was listed on the front, & i believe after reading it i am going to join myself....

Thank you. I had to smile when I read your nice comment..Did you decide to join? I hope so.Have fun, make friends and you won't regret quickly making new friends here. Enjoy!

Sounds good, white owl, wish I was in your place ! I'm so new on this site I guess I don't really know how it works yet, perhaps I will get there yet......

opos sorry wise owl not white.

Thanks for commenting kimberlee1..EP is a good site.I'm here 5 yrs now and never regretted it, disliked it or stopped logging in.Just keep talking, reading and writing. Join up with friendly people who seem nice .If you have questions, everyone and anyone will help you ..it's family and friends 24 hrs a day ...pretty cool! :>}

thank you for your reply; best wishes to you as always,


Thanks :)

Very nice

Thanks loveobsession..you have the 2 key words perfect..love and support.A young person, like yourself can befriend a nice older person for their wisdomand experiences.Then again, all ages can learn acceptance and giving..Happy Thanksgiving everyone:>)

Thankx cutie pie , The friendship train is alwas rollin' and we need it..I know I do..I cannot tell you how often this place has pulled me out of a dismal day and a cruddy mood.I send you my Owlish Hooty Hoot., XXOO

Awwww thanks Owlie for that post! I feel the same way too. So nice to have a place you can come to 24/7/365 to spend some time with friends or leave your comments or support even if they are not online at the time :) Still the friendship is always there.. so nice.. :) Love you my friend :) PH xox

So true . Amazing how we get involved and honestly care about people we've met. Thanks OoLunaoO.That's why face book doesn't work for me..too cold and not like a home.

This is what I like about EP is a site that stays online 24/7 and even when I log in at night there's still some friends around besides the connection you have with them is more closer than any other place ^_^

Hi everyone..thank you for stopping by .We all seem to be here by accident and ta da..now we're talking. I appreciate you so much. <br />
Robert, you are my best friend on EP and worth the world to me. That's the kind of friendship we hope for. Amen!

There are many of us on here that are glad your here too, me for instance. : ) My Best to you Miss Owlie.

true.....i agree with the way u described it...i discovered ep the same way and since then it has been like a secret garden a place where i can have anything and can talk abt anything....and i agree its not writing but sharing with people that makes it a special place......!!!!!