4 Years Ago Today I Found Ep..

It was March 30, 2008, when I spontaneously decided to do an Internet search for support groups for highly sensitive people, and I stumbled upon this unfamiliar and new (to me anyways, at the time) site called "The Experience Project".  "How interesting!" I thought to myself, and tentatively started to explore this new domain.  The thought of sharing my experiences was kind of tantalizing, and of meeting new people online -- though I felt my "shy self" at the surface, here was a safe way to put myself "out there" in an anonymous way.  I discovered the freedom of this rather quickly, and the control it allowed in being "out" or "in" as it pleased me. 

I discovered that I was a pretty good writer, and even more surprising to me, people responded, and found me intelligent, and liked my ideas and wanted to know more about me.  I was rather awed by this!  And it felt wonderful to express myself and be open, without the usual fears of social rejection and subtle reactions looming near -- the barrier in place between 'me' and all others allowed such freedom of expression, and the genuineness to come flowing out, in me.  It truly felt wonderful.

And not only this, I started to meet such amazing and wonderful people with interests similar to my own, and discovered that I am not alone -- there are many people in the world who are similar to me in the ways I tried to keep hidden, in fear that others would discover the "real me" and find this terribly lacking.

I met kindred spirits -- lots of them!  So many I was, again, quite amazed.  And so appreciative.

Over the years a close few of these people I've met have stayed with me, and changed me, and helped me to grow and expand my world so much.  I've even met a couple of them in person, and these two people I consider my true friends, very dear to me, friends who will stay with me for all my life, I hope.  I have also met and connected with many, many people who I have shared a closeness with, who I have dared to open to in various ways, and I have been rewarded with such kindness and openness and building of trust that has led to growth, I think, in both them and myself.  I have seen how coming together in friendship creates something so amazing -- how each person touches your soul and becomes forever a part of you, even in small, subtle ways that may not fully be realized.

And I have met people who have directly changed my life in forever sort of ways. 

I am amazed by this place in so many ways, at all that is has allowed and given me, and allowed me to give back in ways that also enrich me so much.  I just can't express my gratitude adequately, it seems.   Nor to the people who have touched and changed my life.  I thank every one of you.  My deepest, heartfelt love and gratitude.

And I know there is so much more to come!  My life continues to change and evolve, and I am so excited by all the possibility that awaits me.  Who knows what I will have to share with you all in the weeks, months, years to come.  The sky is the limit.

Much love.

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Happy Anniversary!<br />
What a beautiful story, Dee! And you have touched many lives here as well, and shared so many meaningful stories with us. I'm very glad I've met you and learned from you.

Thank you so much, Datura! That really means a lot to me, coming from you! I'm grateful for our meeting as well. You too have taught me much :)

I've only been here about 6 months. I was searching for information on my grandmothers Parkinson's, and stumbled on EP on accident. I was very tentative about writing anything, but I did and was rewarded with friends. I thought it all so frivolous but I have come to care very much about the people I exchange messages with. I feel very much the same way you do.

That's wonderful, Mary :)

What a lovely story, dear Dee :) It is amazing that we all ended up here in one way or another and connected like that...really amazing :)

It sure is. Law of Attraction, or something, I guess :). I always think of covalent bonding when we connect this way, with every cell of our being ;)

"And I know there is so much more to come! My life continues to change and evolve, and I am so excited by all the possibility that awaits me. Who knows what I will have to share with you all in the weeks, months, years to come. The sky is the limit."<br />
That's really nice. <br />
I have been here quite a while as well, at least as long as you two. I typed in "I am lonely." I am less so today because of Ep.<br />
This is a beautiful story.

Thanks :) So glad you found us.