When I first came to EP, I was in a sexless, unhappy marriage. My husband ignored me and my needs. Now, we "loved" each other...that was never the problem. We just didn't "like" each other very much.

Anyway, I found this website when I did a random search for "I am thinking of cheating on my husband". I clicked the link and started to read stories by other people who were in the same or close to the same situation I was in. I joined that same day!

I was able to write my inner thoughts...sexual desires...frustrations. I received feedback from people, some of it I didn't like, but I did appreciate the frankness and honesty.  The comments made me see things differently than I was seeing them...they helped me make some of my decisions on my actions.

I started making friends, some of them extremely wonderful.  I also started having very "intimate" conversations with some very perverted complaints at all! :)  I learned about lifestyles that I never realized were so common...I found out more about things I desired and I wanted for so sexuality expanded and became so much more important to me.

In May, things at home changed...Husband and I had a huge falling out because he found out about some of the things I was doing, some of the conversations I was having, some of the things I wanted to do...  But, instead of blowing up and screaming at each other, we talked. I brought him here and showed him some of the interests I have. I opened his eyes to the variety of subjects on EP, the variety of people on EP...he understood why I liked coming here so much. We decided to start working on our relationship...really working on our relationship. So far it has gone very well. 

My friends here have really helped me get through all the changes my life has gone through this year. I look at some of my old writings and I find that I don't feel the same way anymore about some of the things I used to write about.  Not that I'm not a perv...I'll always be a perv.  But, I don't long for the "dirty talk" or the "cyber sex" interactions I used to have...Husband gives me so much more than I ever thought he could or would. For the first time in my adult life, I am content with where I am sexually...I am satisfied.

When I say EP has changed my life, it truly has. It has given me a place to express my frustrations...wants...desires. There are so many interesting topics and stories to read and I don't concentrate just on the "adult" rated things anymore.  I have met some truly wonderful people and have become friends with a lot of them.  I have also discovered that I can be helpful to some of them as well and I try to be there for my friends as often as possible.

Now, I do still get the random comment, email, message from someone who has read one of my old posts...who doesn't know about my new found satisfaction and if I'm feeling "frisky" I might play a little. But, I don't "need" to anymore in order to feel good...I feel good all the's a wonderful feeling!

So, in closing (sorry this is so long) if it wasn't for EP and the people I've met here, I might have done some things I would truly be sorry for.  If it wasn't for EP and the people I've met, I've learned and experienced things that I never would have been able to do otherwise.  Thank you EP and thank you to all my wonderful friends!

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Thanks for sharing your story - not much different than my own. Although, I haven't quite evolved as far as you have.

Fabulous story, I'd say good luck, but it sounds like you are making your own and it is only good.