Changed....So Let's Keep It That Way....?

Hi there:

I joined EP in late December, 2007, after lurking, reading stories and learning about the personalities of people here for nearly a month. 

Since that time, I have made numerous friends, found love, and have made countless connections and shared experiences with many others here.

It has been extremely positive experience for me.

However, I must say I am somewhat discouraged by the drop-off in activity from many in my circle over the past few months.

I remember when I felt compelled to log in to EP almost every day, and was almost addicted to it.

I urge everyone here to start writing stories, sharing their lives, bringing their unique perspectives and positive energy back to this site so others can get EP's full effect!

It's people that make EP, and I am imploring them (as well as myself, LOL) to put more out there, make this site the compelling, wonderful community it was again, and hopefully always will be...

After all, fungirlmmm can't do all of the work and the heavy lifting around here!!




marcus101 marcus101
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3 Responses Jul 5, 2009

Hope you enjoyed my stories... I'm reading some of yours now.

ih8: It's possible. Although one or two old EP friends have popped up recently, and so that has made me very happy! <br />
<br />
I have many stories of yours to read, my friend. I will be busy this week, for sure. :)

I'm doing my part. I'm definitely addicted. You may want to read my story about this.<br />
<br />
Hey, maybe your old friends aren't around because it's summer. When it's warm outside there's more to do outdoors. Maybe when it gets cold again and outdoor activity is more difficult, they'll be back. Here's hoping!