whisper....**** me later

In a crowded bar,
Mixed crowd,
Having a good time,
I walk up behind my man,
Press my breasts against him,
Kiss the back of his neck,
And whisper in his ear,
"baby, I really want you to **** me later"
roughNready roughNready
51-55, F
9 Responses Jul 20, 2010

What a lucky man! I'd be checking my watch often... Is it later yet??? ;-)

Good girl.




I am still hard from just thinking about it. lol Although it has never happened I will hope some woman from the <br />
Boston area has seen this and will see me soon. Thanks R&R.<br />
<br />
Hope to chat with you soon., counselor67

mmm You're welcome darlin'. I'm happy to have done it for you. I hope you meet your Bostan area lady soon.

It would be fun to tease you and turn you on, knowing that when we get home I'll be getting a special treat.

Love it! That is one huge aphrodisiac!

mmmm ,,,that's the way it's supposed to work ; P

you would have given me a nice hardon it my jeans then......