Can't We Just Get Along!!!!!!!!

  I have often wondered if people have thought they were better than the rest of us but....I have found a new understanding of my self and a whole new perspective of how I want people to treat me. I spent many miles on the road to go and see friends and then they can't even come to your house. . . nothing now I travel to great people at EP and don't worry if the rest come to see me because it is very obvious that they are out for themselves. When You break up your day repeatedly for so called friend , week after week,and then they treat you bad when you go and tell them how you have been taking care of their dogs. The dirty looks and making you feel like you don't fit in because they are in the control. . . .HAHA. They are so out of control with themselves that they can't even look you in the eye.  So it is another week and the new agenda is coming up next Sunday. . .Gonna have to be busy, even if I don't ever leave my house. I am a firm believer in being a good friend but there is an extent as to how you feel within yourself as to how much you are willing to give to the person who takes more than you feel like giving. . .and it hurts even less when they not of your thought caliber.   TAPO

tallandprettyone tallandprettyone
51-55, F
Sep 1, 2008