ALL the Freaking Time

this is such a bad thing for me. especially since the people around me now are so ******* judgemental and sensitive. i cant just say "oh what i meant to say was..." or "i wasnt thinking". because by then they already are judging me and thinking how messed up i am. it sucks.

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People jump to conclusions too quickly and want to correct you in your errors. I think if people pay closer attention to what you were saying in the first place maybe they wouldn't be so offended because they are reminded that they have no clue in what you were talking ab out in the first place<br />
<br />
But then again I may be wrong lol

Andy you are the absolute best! you too Jerrica!

I won't judge unless you ask me. Just be you and we'll go from there.

they're the ones with the problem, not you.

i just hate it.

i know that so well, i work with some people like that, i have to be so conservitive all the time,