Americans, Haven´t You Had Enough Already ?

A horrific tragedy took place yesterday at an elementary school. A madman with three legally purchased guns shot and killed 20 children and six teachers.
There have been news flashes all day, interviews, maps drawn to explain what happened, president´s tears, heated debates and the usual media bombarding with all sort of details but nothing can be done to bring the victims back to life.
Another shooting took place at a mall in Oregon this very same week . Yet no one mentions it anymore.  It´s virtually forgotten already, after just 4 days. Just one of those things that happen in the USA.

So I ask, Americans, haven´t you had enough ? 
Are you so dense and stupid you are going to let the NRA lobbysts win again?

No need for a response.
The world already knows the answer  :-(
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6 Responses Dec 15, 2012

The reason(I personally believe) is that guns are to freely available in the u s a Here in the u k IF you get caught carrying ANY kind of firearm you risk being shot by armed police and or being sent to prison for years or both. Here too in the u k to own any firearm you have to have a firearms certificate issued by the police following an intensified personal check. This is all because of what happened at a school in Scotland Do all Americans carry weapons and is there not some act that says something like "the right to carry arms"

I heard something that surprised me. That evening, December 14th, I was listening to PBS and they were interviewing a sociology professor from Northeastern University in Boston. At the end of the interview, they asked him why these incidents are increasing. And, his response, which surprised me, was they aren't increasing. In the US, we've had about 20 random, public killings per year for decades. Yes, decades. I am sorry I didn't get his name as I would like to understand this in greater detail. It's still shocking that we have 20 mass killings per year - shocking - but it's not new.


I havent had this much fun on ep in, I can't remember when, if I can get to someone like you, it makes my day.

You liberals really have a way with words, don't you? You are twisted to turn my words into something negative. But thats the way all of you are. You call me pathetic, I call you wicked.

It's a trap. The guns and ammo industry have the power. They want to sell more guns and ammo. To fight the power would mean civil war. You think these people that are buying guns and ammo are going to fight the power that sells them more guns and ammo? No. Were are trapped in an endless cycle of tragedy, outrage and fear based surges in guns and ammo revenue. Each cycle giving yet more power to the military-industrial complex.

I live a some what sheltered life. My world is very limited size and scope. After reading your story I went ahead and googled mass murder world wide and was amazed by what I found out. Shootings are not just an American issue, I had know idea of that fact. These tragedies occur around the world. Finland, England, others as well. Real civilized, socialistic, liberal countries. There was an incident in Scotland where some 15 kindergarten children where gunned down. I need to do more research but from what I read a guy in Norway was responsible for 77 deaths.

I read an essay by a woman way more intelligent and worldly than I, saying it was her belief that sanity, morality, or common sense can not be legislated. These traits come from calm discussions without condemnation or the need for superiority. She was pretty smart.

Things can be changed if enough of you feel strongly enough