Vomit Inducing Words From A Repugnacan

It´s simply disgusting.

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10 Responses Jan 17, 2013

**HURLING***. He is such an ahole.

Truly barf worthy, but then again pretty much everything he says is appalling.

What a slob.
His followers will completely dismiss his vile comments. All they ever hear is Barrack "Hussein" Obama. Hopefully, even just one of those fans, will change their mind about this disgusting blow-hard.

What a sad excuse to dislike Obama.

What an idiot. The type of fool that doesn't even know what he's saying. Thinks he does probably. Human shields? He's talking al qaeda language here already.

' sick bastard ' just about sums this guy up.

It is disgusting, but I'm sure he'll get worse. He always does.

This made me angry. Disgusting!

I'd be disgusted if I felt like he deserved any emotional response but he's just a stain on humanity.

I pray somebody in the Newtown forensic department mails him a different picture of the piles of bullet ridden bodies of children whose parents had to leave them there in that blood soaked classroom all night long because they weren't allowed in....nevermind.....send ME to Limbaugh to I can wrap my hands around his throat and never let go.

I'm sorry, I know you understand...I CANT rate this up......my freakin hands are shaking anyway