I Guess I Had Seen It All...... I Was Wrong

This afternoon my mother told me an amazing story ( and by amazing I mean : !!! I cant effing believe it !!).

She attended Mass this morning , there is a priest who comes to our building and says Mass for the elderly ,my mom being one of them.

Well, this morning , Mass was well underway, when all of a sudden a cell phone started ringing. None of the old ladies carry their cells to Mass, so they were wondering whose  phone could it be .

Well, the ringing cell phone belonged to the Priest, who in the middle of Mass, picked it up, answered it and chatted away for a while. After he hung up, he smiled and said to his startled congregation : "Sorry, I had to take it, this was a sacred call" and continued with the Mass ritual as if nothing had happened.

I thought Catholic priests communicated with God in a more spiritual manner , but I have just realized, times have changed and  now God has his priests on speed dial, for nice chats on Saturday mornings.

Who knew ?

Unfreakingbelievable  !!!!!

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5 Responses Dec 21, 2008

Way back when...a priest's beeper went off during mass. That's back in the days when only doctors and drug dealers could afford to carry beepers...so everyone was a tad confused. We heard afterwards that it was one of those death bed calls for a priest. <br />
<br />
But you'd think with a cell phone, he'd put it on silent or vibrate and tell them to leave text messages during mass.

How much buffoonery can one person stand? It is hard enough to be Catholic these days, as it is. <br />
<br />
I have to go to Mass tomorrow and will only be thinking of this.

Geee, wasn't this an Ellen Degeneres skit?????

Ha! If that was God on the line, please ask the Priest to give me his number!

Yeah, that is really rude and unprofessional. He should have turned it off before hand.