Owner Shared Bed and Took Baths With Chimpanzee From Connecticut Attack

Mental health professionals say a strong bond between pet owners and their animals is generally good because it can be therapeutic and comforting. The boundaries get blurred, though, when owners treat the animals like humans rather than pets, and expect a reciprocal relationship similar to what they would have with a family member.

The following is one of these cases and quite frankly it is animal abuse. Beyond sick , if you ask me.

STAMFORD, Connecticut — Travis the chimpanzee's relationship with his owner was closer than those of some married couples.

Sandra Herold gave him the finest food, and wine in long-stemmed glasses. They took baths together and cuddled in the bed they shared. Travis brushed the lonely widow's hair each night and pined for her when she was away.

Experts say the unusually human relationship would have been confusing for any animal.

It may have also played a role in Travis' savage attack Monday on Herold's friend Charla Nash of Stamford. Nash suffered massive injuries to her face and hands,she was transferred in critical condition Thursday to the Cleveland Clinic.Hospital officials say Nash is being treated for her injuries and it's unknown if she will be a candidate for a face transplant.

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Feb 19, 2009