At Least They Waited Until After Valentine's Day!

"Reuters - Feb.20

In a bid to cut train delays, this “No Kissing” sign [see group logo] was unveiled at Warrington Bank Quay railway station in England.  The sign was places at the drop-off point, because departing passengers and drivers blocked access to the station while saying goodbye to each other.  Virgin Rail, which runs the station, said if passengers want to share an embrace, their loved ones should pay to park their cars nearby."

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Train stations certainly make good settings for soap operas!

Ah! Thanks! We don't have that bit of slang here.

Rob, what's a dogger?<br />
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SUL, it was a fund-raiser for the American Heart Association, held on Valentine's Day on the pitch of a huge stadium. None of us wanted to quit when the buzzer sounded, I can tell you!

I agree, flutter. I spend hours every Christmas at St Pancras station, where all the national and international trains come in, watching children and spouses greet loved ones as they get off the Eurostar or national trains....... it would be horrible to lose that...... across from a train station sounds so romantic....!<br />
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I once participated in a charity kiss-a-thon with 5000 other couples...that was a blast!<br />
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Grits are indeed the American food item (which is also used as a side dish for supper) but I grew up in the American south, where "Kiss my Grits!" is a euphemism for "Kiss my ***!"

There has got to be a better way to handle overcrowding than that.


I say we stage a mass kiss-in!