Our Choices

We all have choices in everything we do. We all have to decide on how we will choose, what we will choose and what is for the best. Our choices are like our footprints, marking where we have been or come from and where we will go.

When we make a choice it says who we are to some extent to others. It tells part of our long story, so thinking about the consequences to choices is and has always been really important to me.

I have a process I use to make decisions, that way I know I won't have regrets with my choices. If I know I put the needed time into thinking it through, Im good no matter what the out come.

Things may not go the way I want them to but if I went through my process, Im fine with not getting things my way. That's life.

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5 Responses Feb 9, 2013

I wish I could just make choices and go with them sometimes but life gets in the way, and we have to make choices that make better sence intead of that ones that we think will make us happy....

I didn't say all the choices I make allow me to be happy...

In the past life has been difficult so for me some choice was very difficult. Getting up in the morning was a struggle as i did and still do suffer from depression i didnt choose it but i accecpted it therefore i had to make changes to my life.i am happy now but six months time i might not but thats the life i have to accect.i am boring rarly go but for the first in going holiday.good luck with everything in your life

I honestly needed to see this... thank you so much for helping me feel better.

That's great, thanks for reading!

With this you make my day,i always think of making choices that i won't relinquish but later won't work.Your word inspired me alot.Thanks

Thank you for reading and commenting!

I love this story and I love your attitude.
I am guilty of not always thinking things through, but as you said, if you do, if you try your best to do the right thing, then you can relinquish guilt and resign yourself to the things being out of your control (something I have trouble with). It all makes sense, but I needed to be reminded. Thanks for doing that with this story.

Thank you for reading and comment Quintesse. This is actually a strength of mine. Relinquishing the guilt and resigning...yes, I agree. I can very easily remove my emotions to make the best choices, even if it hurts, I put that to the side and do what's best from that point on. Then I deal with my emotions. Just the way I am. Im glad I am this way. I see things clearly and make decisions based on facts not emotions.

My emotions rule me, I'm afraid. But maybe next time I will remember something I read here and I will be better off as a result. That is the gift you gave me today. Thank you!

Awww, thanks for the smile. :)