And I'm Proud of It, Thank You All Very, Very Much!!!

Movie lines from movies that people haven't seen....this one is really rather annoying, because the movie situation is always so perfect for the real life situation...and nobody can truly understand this, because I am usually the only one that has seen the movie (I love movies, off the wall movies, old movies, B movies, classic movies, really just about any kind of movie--well I'm not into **** movies, but other than that...I'm pretty much game!)!!  So anyway....back to the subject here.... if noone but me has seen the movie, and I am gleefully shouting out (and sometimes acting out) lines or scenes from this movie, out of the clear blue... well, that is sometimes seen - by others, mind you - as weird.  It is not viewed by myself as weird, because, as stated earlier, I have seen the movie.

Singing songs --- I seem to have picked this one up from my mom.  There really is a song for every occasion.  And if you can't think of a song, well, you really don't have an excuse for not making one up, now do you???  Well, unless your throat is very very sore...and then I guess it would be okay.  But you should be in bed then, now shouldn't you??  And not up and about making yourself available for every occasion to not be able to sing because of your sore throat.  Ooooh...and spreading your icky germs around!

Weird accents --- okay now this one really drives my daughter crazy sometimes, but I just love it!!!  I am an American, from the South, with a bit of a Southern accent..naturally without trying.  But at times, and always without warning, I will feel like speaking in a french accent, or an english accent, or a swedish accent.  This is very fun!!!!  I carry on for a long time, usually if my daughter is not doing something that she should (cleaning her room), or if I am just having fun and doing something I enjoy (like cooking), I will give a running documentary of my every move.  This is really quite enjoyable.  I highly recommend trying this to everyone who hasn't!  Back in my younger clubbing days.....well I am not old now, I just don't go night clubbing anymore...... my girlfriend and I would talk to each other in foreign accents the whole night.  We had the whole scenario down and even knew a dirty Swedish drinking song that always clenched the deal....the guys always bought us tons of drinks!  shameless, huh???  I still sing that song sometimes just out of the blue.  hee hee hee  I just don't tell my daughter what it means, and don't teach it to her!!!




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