Where To Pet A Cat

But you should know this already

Kittychanel Kittychanel
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Cats love to have their tails pulled. They love for you to grab their tails and lift their hind legs

That's a filthy lie! And probably dog propaganda. Maybe some do but they are into that "scene" ;)


Cows get pleasure from that? MADAFAKA!


No **** ^_^

was fyi just in case

Hey!! I resemble that remark. ;-p

No ****? Are you constipated Deg?
My mom told me that at a young age O_o Are you taking the ****?!

<------------ taking all the ****

Actually I meant the image Kitty. But yes I too have been told I`m full of it too, I just remind those that I can`t be as my eyes are not brown. ;o)


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hmmmm........ I have a dog like this. At least I think she is a dog.

I don't think dogs have a "hot spot" lol

It might not be a hot spot but she sure loves to be scratched there. ;o)


LOL those are great Dente! :o)

Those are cards she found that I played with in kindergarden

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