You Can Try To Yell At Me, But............

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omg too cute. and I don't even like cats. sigh.. but kittens. awwwwwww

I`m not a cat person either my dear, but this one I love.

When my daughter was little and would explain to people I can\'t hear- she would say \"Mom doesn\'t have ears. Well, they LOOK like ears but they don\'t work like ours.\" haha

roflmao out of the mouth\'s of babes. :o) xox

when someone yells at me, i answer in a low, soft tone. so soft that they have to almost strain to hear me. when i notice that they **** their head or move closer to hear what i am saying, i then know that i have their attention.
i ALWAYS keep the mean spirited words in back of my teeth and never let them see the light of day. in doing this, i will never have to eat words that were never spoken.
that's my way.
but hey, that's just me.

Thats a good way to be.

from one, "old guy" to another. we seem to learn quicker as we get longer in the tooth.
patience and tolerance comes with experience.

Kitty no haz ears? Why?

They are tucked back is all.

I wonder why? She looks scared not pissed. O_o

;) perrrrfect


Thanks for giving me a little giggle. That is cute.

I`m happy I could make you smile. :o)

Wow !!! .... pulling out the cute kitty card !!!! .... shameless !!!!

I have others................ yes I have no shame. ;-p

Awwwww! *cuddles kitty*


:::cuddles fox:::

Circle cuddle!