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You Can Try To Yell At Me, But............

DEGBEME DEGBEME 61-65, M 10 Responses Feb 13, 2013

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Why did the kittie lose its ears? :)

Its hiding them. :o)

Aww what a sweet lil puddy tat.....
Aslan bunny suscribes to that kinda theory too....sticks his head behind something, going on the principle that if he can't see me, then I can't see him....

hmmmm........... I do that too. ;-p

Lol..why am i not suprised....

hehe *mwah*

omg too cute. and I don't even like cats. sigh.. but kittens. awwwwwww

I`m not a cat person either my dear, but this one I love.

When my daughter was little and would explain to people I can\'t hear- she would say \"Mom doesn\'t have ears. Well, they LOOK like ears but they don\'t work like ours.\" haha

roflmao out of the mouth\'s of babes. :o) xox

when someone yells at me, i answer in a low, soft tone. so soft that they have to almost strain to hear me. when i notice that they **** their head or move closer to hear what i am saying, i then know that i have their attention.
i ALWAYS keep the mean spirited words in back of my teeth and never let them see the light of day. in doing this, i will never have to eat words that were never spoken.
that's my way.
but hey, that's just me.

Thats a good way to be.

from one, "old guy" to another. we seem to learn quicker as we get longer in the tooth.
patience and tolerance comes with experience.

!! I didn't know this was a valid excuse for not listening !! I'm trying this at my next meeting.

Oh yes use it. I do all the time.

Kitty no haz ears? Why?

They are tucked back is all.

I wonder why? She looks scared not pissed. O_o

;) perrrrfect


Thanks for giving me a little giggle. That is cute.

I`m happy I could make you smile. :o)

Wow !!! .... pulling out the cute kitty card !!!! .... shameless !!!!

I have others................ yes I have no shame. ;-p

Awwwww! *cuddles kitty*


:::cuddles fox:::

Circle cuddle!