We Are All Immigrants

Long before the Europeans came to this land there was already several civilizations here. We now call them by just one name, "Native Americans". Although, they to were immigrants. Some came from the south by different types of boats, others came by way of the land bridge. Came we all did changing the destiny of the America's. All who live in the Western hemisphere immigrated from some where. Also let us not forget that long before the so called Native Americans, replaced those that were here before them. In my opinion no one on this side of earth can say that they are not an immigrant, unless you change the meaning, in which any one born on these two continents are "Native Americans".
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African Americans are not immigrants int he US - they were brought here against their will as animals and property by white men

You're point is well taken and even I overlooked that one. However, based on an article that I read a few weeks ago, the number of African-Americans will double in a short period of because of the number of Africans migrating to America.

Amen, I am agreement with you.

FreeThinkerJames, I was not talking about boarders for what you called proper nations. All I meant was we are all immigrants. By the way the tribes that were here before the Europeans had popper nations and boarders.

What a foolish argument. People have been moving all over the world since humans first walked out of Africa, there isn't one group of people anywhere on Earth who can say "This land has always been OUR land". That IN NO WAY means that we can't set up boarders and guard those boarders now that we've developed proper nations.

I think that is cool too.