Who The Hell Are You To Kick Anyone Out?

This was Native American country FIRST, then was invaded by European immigrants, built by every kind of immigrant, so why shouldn't immigrants be welcome here?


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smartly said - some politicians want to make people divide and rule. This is the same trick David Cameron ro Hitler use.

^ Agreed. lol

^ Well said. I agree.

It does no one any good to consistently look upon them as less than they are, even if the government has them in the clutches of welfare. Who allows illegal immigrants in the country - we do, our law enforcement cannot do any job against it. How do people with different citizenship stay here? They work, employers keep them here. There are millions of undocumented workers in the US, many from Canada as well as europe, africa, asia south and central america. Keeping ill will brewing over them being here will not put a solution forward. Everyone is deserving of dignity and respect, once that is in place, problems can be solved quicker than they are in a quagmire of disrespect and finger pointing. If any of us were living in a homeless shelter, we would be happy for all the help offered. So, treat others as you would have yourself be treated. Our Statue of Liberty, the same one that withstood the malevalence of 9/11, still asks that the poor and down trodden arrive upon our shores. We can set another place at the table, and make room. We are the USA, and are unique.

When I say "live" I mean they don't try to do anything else. They are content to stay unemployed and collect government money. I just feel that we can't hate on immigrants when we have lazy people like that who aren't immigrants. It's pointless to hate them all because of the behavior of a few.

Depends Alana. Do they need that check? Have they EVER worked?

I know American citizens who live off the government. Is that not just as bad?

I think that the U.S. should be open to all honest, hard working people who want to make a better life for themselves. I agree with Kris113 - immigrating here legally is great. Ignoring our country's immigration laws, and coming here through fraud and other means is not acceptable. <br />
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The U.S. has immigration laws for the purpose of protecting people from those who wish to harm us. These laws are also meant to protect our government resources. For example, many hospitals have closed in California because of having to provide too many services to indigent people (mostly illegals). <br />
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The solution is not to allow everyone to come to the United States. The United States can't provide food, clothing, and shelter for every person in the world. Many people already living here don't have jobs and can't provide for themselves and their families. The solution is to make the other parts of the world a better place to live.

Mr. Paul, What you have as a perception with regard to the nations who were on this continent before us is trite and appalling! There were librarys destroyed in the Yucatan and in Mexico City. There were no more or less wars or anarchy than in the city-states in Greece or Rome. In fact, it was perhaps a bit more civilized because the Spanish were welcomed into the largets city Cortez had ever seen, and then the bastard forsook the hospitality and killed as many as it would take to steal the land. That is anarchy.<br />
We are all migrants, we all need jobs, why not be nice, welcoming people and explain to those who are looking, where it is they can find it. It would be a better place if we welcomed and those who were welcomed did not kill us.

Indian tribes were continually at war with each other and land was only held by the most powerful tribe.Fact of history.Immigration laws must be enforced or you will see your living standard reduced to nothing.There are not enough jobs for the ones already here.You are advocating anarchy and you won't like it.

You"ve got it! Good words.