God Yes!

What I do on EP, and what I write about on EP, is my ******* bussiness. EP has been my place for a  Long time. I had EP before you, and you know what, I am going to have Ep a LONG time after you! You can come here, I don't care, because its not in my damn place to tell you not to do something, but take it into consideration, EP is my HOME, Ep is a Place where I feel Loved, and accepted and wanted, and for me, that is RARE. So Please, Just mind your OWN fuking Bussiness. I am not going to tell you every god damn thing I write about, and who I am talking to ALL the time! Its my Bussiness.

*Note, this is not for just one person, I have two peopole in my mind, who i am thinking about when i write this story*

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Jul 14, 2010