2012, How I See It.

I don't honestly feel that anything will happen. Polar Shift, scientists have even said that it takes hundreds of years for this to happen. Sun storm, I have actually found a site with falsified information (To the best of my ability, an avid Googler) on NASA, http://www.solarstormwarning.com/, I searched for their updates about how Nasa has said it is a once in a life time storm..Nowhere to be found, except on their website. Sun storms happen ALL the time, infact one happened over the winter and we didn't feel any effect. asteroid hitting the earth, now while we have had some somewhat close calls in the past, Nasa has yet to find an asteroid coming close to us on Dec. 21st. Nuclear War, this is by far the most plausible one, but..We haven't seen anything go on yet though, and its what.. 22 days away, that's not too long. I know that it doesn't even take a day to deploy a nuke, but.. There really isn't much of an indication that it will happen.

These predictions are mainly based off of the Mayans only documents that are left, which talks about their age system, which is called a Baktun, we are about to go into a new age just like how ages change to the age of Aquarius.
Also let me ask, if they could figure such things out how did they not foretell their own demise? On that day our solar system will be in line with the middle of the universe, and that for some reason has branched out in some peoples minds to being cut off from something or destruction. There really isn't any evidence to show that it is going to happen. If it happens it happens, we have to live our lives to the best of our abilities and not worry about this stuff. Like I said, if it happens it happens. Anyway that is the end of what I see, have a great day and I will see you next year :).
Rkman Rkman
18-21, M
Nov 30, 2012