My mind has no go between. I cut out the middle man which in this case is peoples feelings and the consequences of my words. I do not care whatsoever who I offend and depending on who it is I may purposely be offensive. There's so many feeble minds in verbal dominion. I am not docile, I bow to nothing nor do I abide by any sort of invisible restriction. Allow me to elaborate there's certain topics you're never supposed to insult or talk about openly . Those topics being: religion,politics, God, abortion,death penalty,rape,molestation,sex,LGTB and the weak. I examine these topics, ponder opinions and speak them. I do not give a **** if you would prefer to be quiet. I never am. I'm extremely opinionated and as a result I harbor many enemies but so be it, I prefer to acquaint myself with free minds anyway. I'm the kind of person that makes those molestation jokes about the Catholic child *******. The kind that can find anything funny. I publicly proclaim my animosity towards religion and God (assuming it exists). I lay claim to no political label and consistently insult all parties. The kind of person I am is...imagine there is a line written on the line is society's rules, now imagine me running across the line flipping people society off. I do not give a ****. I used to be very caring,a people pleaser. Not anymore. I was not content living a life which required me to bite my tongue because my tongue bled. Ignorance is prevalent and it is to be expected, people are satisfied in ignorance. Idiocy is ubiquitous, need I say more? I am a firm believer in equal rights. I support LGBT rights and women's rights however that does mean I'm uptight about it. Wake up, *************. Life is short, it's a gift. You're lucky if you live 80 years on this ************. Dissipate all fillers and dismantle all mental blocks, I have.

Faggots, **** that ************ in the ***. *******, clam the **** down. Minorities aint even got rights yet! You think females are going to? *******,honkeys,wet backs, my fellwo minorities lend me your ears we're all ****** and oppressed. The blue eyed devils can go get ******, go suck on your big brown dicks of cigars, **********. Republicans can go to hell and Democrats can eat ****. I sure do wish someone would paint the White House red but not with paint. God bless Mericuh, *************. Pigs in blue can **** off, eat ****. Religious simple minded half-wits can go to their hell and rot eternally. I hope Satan rapes you continuously. The preachers, the pastors, the fathers, the prophets: **** off, up your *** too. **** God, if it exists I will never worship any of them. **** Jesus too. **** every last character in the Bible. Every ************ needs to calm the **** down. I can't ******* conciliate anymore! Carnage is omnipresent and I'm enjoying every minute of it. You need to get some green and clam the **** down. Quit being so sensitive.
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Dec 9, 2012