Turdus Migratorius Returns

Mr Robin has an Ugly name!  Turdus..hummmm.. Anyway, I saw my first Robin today. Happy, chubby and looking for a good home. An Ode to the Robin. We missed you and welcome you back. Bringing in the Spring and warmth that soon follows..Aw, at last Spring has sprung...sorta.

wiseowl wiseowl
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4 Responses Mar 5, 2009

The Robins have landed very early this year. I saw some yesterday and I hope they know what they're doing..one month early. Sign of an early Spring?

I'm in Ohio..I could kiss every Robin right on the lips! Opsie, birds have no lips..Tra la la..It's 65 degrees today. Do Da day..I'm singing like a bird..The sun is shining.

I have seen several here in NM. <br />
I wish we could have a bit of the cold and snow from the NE. They would not care if we got some of there snow. <br />
1.) I like and miss snow storms and 2.) We need the water in NM real bad...DD

"Looking for a good time"! Hahahahaha! Happy spring, Owlie!