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Elegant Nudity

Elegant Nudity

I think full female nudity, despite of all the religious and social custom still looks much more elegant more artistic, more poetic, and beautiful for most of times, rather than male’s nudity or no nudity, so I say women should be allowed to go nude in public if she likes it.
Do I alone think like that,
Yet ! somebody told me two jerks can think alike.
tommythemachinegunn tommythemachinegunn 22-25, M 3 Responses May 17, 2012

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definately agree but anyone should be able to go anywhere naked regardless of sex

i agree fully. We are not talking sex here. Nudity is our natural form. Yes women look better naked than men but i still like being naked so the law should allow both males and females to be naked if they wish.

In central and eastern Europe, women can do the following naked if they wish: hike in the wilderness, go to the beach or indoor pool or hot springs, sunbathe in a secluded meadow in an urban park. On the internet, I have seen a number of 3-5 minute videos taken of a young woman striding naked through an old European city. These videos are shot in German and Eastern European cities. There are perving men, but also a lot of men who ignore the naked woman. Nudity should be allowed any place where a bikini is socially acceptable now and that cannot be seen by passing motorists.<br />
<br />
Being naked and female should be doubly uncontroversial if she is over 30.