Topless Beach?

I recall a case several years ago in Florida that involved a topless beach. It had been a nude beach but the law was changed by local government.  The intent of the law was to eliminate total nudity, but still allow topless for women.  There was a sizable group of men and women going topless and a couple of women with absolutely nothing covering them anywhere.  Of course, they were arrested for "indecent exposure". 

But, it seems there was a quirk in the law.  It stated that there can be no showing of "genitalia" by either men or women.  A lawyer for the group argued that the women's genitalia were not visible to any viewer at any time.  Pubic hair is not genitalia and it covered the slit at the top of the labia.  Further, the women's legs securely concealed the major portion of the labia.  The women were released and not charged.  The law was subsequently modified to CLEARLY specify what can and cannot be visible!
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Why was this allowed to happen? Why did the nudists not protest? Are the law changers still in office? We must stand up for our rights and what we believe in.