In my opinion there is only one circumstance when a woman should have an abortion ...  If she's pregnant and doesn't want to be.

I really dislike the term "Pro-Choice" to describe my side of the issue.  I am "Pro Abortion".  That is I think unless a couple is in a committed relationship and willing to raise the child to adulthood together, abortion is the moral choice.

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You sick *****

Mark, you are on target. The ******* fetus is no different than a cancerous tumor which the woman should be able to have removed whenever or however she decides. It is the woman's body, plan and simple.

I think a lot of heartache and misery would be spared if more people aborted their unwanted pregnancies. Morally I find it much harder to justify continuing with a pregnancy than aborting it. Surely every unwanted kid should be adopted before any more are produced? Every child who is suffering neglect and poverty should be cared for by the community before the community decides to have more. Pro-abortion for sure.

@Barbeeska - thanks for defining what makes us human - we shall enter it into the record. From this day forward those who are pro-abortion are less than human.<br />
<br />
If one is lacking pieces of their humanity is it ok to kill them?

Murder is never ok. NEVER even when you call it abortion and try to justify it and rationalize your actions. Jesus will forgive you but you have to realize what your doing is wrong.

Try having an unwanted pregnancy, I think you'll change your mind.

You don't need to justify abortion. You need to justify childbearing!<br />
<br />
Who cares when life begins?<br />
<br />
Traditionally we start counting age at birth. It also begins when a couple first exchanges a meaningful glance. Truthfully it doesn't begin, it is a continuous process - but the point is, person or not, its trespassing.

Man, you people are so messed up! What do religions have to do with abortion? There is no connection there. Life though is something we agree on. Yes if you crush a seed that is fertilized you are killing it. You must be stupid if you do not know that. <br />
I had a conversation with a guy a while ago. He got really upset for some reason and said "Its nothing but a wart! That’s it." I'm like – aye, too bad you weren't extracted pal. <br />
All I hear is "I believe" "I feel" "I think" Who gives a crap what we feel, think or believe? It’s meaningless!<br />
Look at the facts<br />
Do we know beyond a doubt that a fertilized egg is alive or not? <br />
No we do not!<br />
Do we know beyond a doubt if a tree feels it when it is cut down? <br />
No we do not! <br />
We don't know a friggin thing about it!<br />
This is what we do know - each and every one of us was a fetus and poof here we are. <br />
If our fetus were killed would we be here? I think not, but guess what? 'WE DON'T FRIGGIN KNOW!!!<br />
I do know that if we took all the fetus killers and exterminated them there would be a lot more room for the fetus waiting in line for a turn. <br />
Oh but of course there is this "Gee the fetus is not aware and doesn't know what’s going on so its ok to make decisions for them. So chop it up" <br />
Well duh! of course they are not aware, their brain is not working properly. <br />
So what I did was wait for the person to get drunk and pass out. Then I chopped it up and threw it in the trash. I'm still waiting for it to get back to me on weather it matters or not. <br />
Did you know that several hundred years ago the retarded concept of "its developing" was acceptable. So if a child didn't meet up to general standards they would just kill it. But hey that's ok. It’s still developing right? I wonder how many children or people have died in our history from narrow minded judgments just like that. <br />
I had another conversation with a guy and this is really convoluted. He says to me "How can you disagree with abortion? You eat meat!" [He is some kind of vegetarian or something]<br />
Know what my response was? "Well, at least I know for sure that it is dead! Think of all those alfalfa sprouts that just might have been screaming and wreathing away while you were chewing them up and digesting them all."<br />
Stupid I know, but the point is that we just don't friggin know!<br />
Anyways he tried another angle. "You have no idea what you are talking about. Have you ever been there when a woman has had a miscarriage?"<br />
Well yes as a matter of fact I have but I was not stupid enough to lean over and whisper in her ear- "Gee, you should have had an abortion." It was all rather sad. <br />
You know what it was all about?<br />
The guy had convinced, bullied and cajoled his daughter into having an abortion. So she did. And when she faced the next years of depression, guilt and doubt cuz guess what - she didn't friggin know!- He had to deal with her self destruction. So off he goes convincing others that it was not just ok but right too! <br />
Know what the famous line is for parents afraid to become grandparents is? "If you have this baby you will be ruining your life!" <br />
Guess what? Do you know what the child hears? ""Look what you did to my life you peace of crap!""<br />
Talk about unfair manipulation. What ever happened to, "Honey you have to face your responsibilities!"? <br />
Children are not that big of a deal. Ten years just whip by and the kids generally demand to take care of them selves after that. So you help as best as you can till the kid flips you off treats you like crap then leaves. Any intelligent person would come back and say, "Um, sorry about flipping you off I know you did your best. But look my car is broken and I need some help..." Not too many parents refuse to help at that point. But, whatever it takes to reestablish contact. <br />
Anyways children do not destroy your life. You do. Give them a chance to screw up too. <br />
How about that woman who had such a gathering. She was the biggest justification tramp I have ever seen. She's on TV - "Having an abortion is just like having your period! Truly it is no difference! I have had hundreds of abortions I take an abortion pill regularly. bla bla bla"<br />
It’s just like that with everything. The first time it hurts, after that it’s ok then there is no feeling at all. <br />
Let's face it, abortion has its place. It the mother and/or baby are going to die then what's the point? The parents are left with a very hard decision. <br />
Here is another one - "No one is going to tell me what to do with my body!' <br />
Since when were we talking about your body you freak *****?<br />
Same broad says "Oh, no I would never have an abortion. But I think other women should make that choice."<br />
I wonder why? So she can see other women go through guilt, doubt, depression, suicidal thoughts and all that crap? <br />
Abortion should not even be considered unless it’s a life and death situation. <br />
Fourth month, first month, ninth month! What’s the difference? We don’t friggin know!<br />
Here is one that all abortion lovers will like. Have you heard about the partial birth abortion that is happening in some states? Oh ya, it’s great. Its where the baby, oops!, I mean – thing, fetus just pops the head out and the doctor sticks a sharpened vacuum tube in the ba<x>se of the scull at the spine and sucks up the brain. Wahoo eh? Harvest them parts! <br />
You know what this is all about? Justification! That’s it.

New borns are way different than 2 year olds or worse yet 14 year olds.

The condom is as unnatural as the abortion and prevents a child too. Nature gave us intellect.<br />
<br />
When you pull the early fruit off of a tree, the later fruit that comes bigger and better.

By getting an abortion you are defying the rules of nature. Nature gave us penises and vaginas to reproduce and have children.Id rather wear a condom because i could not think of the child i could of had but instead ended his life before it began,

On a recent trip, there was a stretch of highway about 30 miles along. Every so often there was a billboard with a baby picture and a quote from the baby thanking his mom for not aborting him.<br />
<br />
Every time I passed on of those billboards I wanted to buy one and put a baby picture on it and quote the baby thanking his mom of not taking abstinence seriously.<br />
<br />
On this same stretch of road there was a field of crucifixes and a sign saying the crucifixes were for all the aborted babies.<br />
<br />
After a half an hour of these guilt inducing bill boards the final bill board said … Hurt by abortion call …

I have to agree. I can't fathom why so many high school girls keep their little accidents . . . and then expect me to be all supportive and coo over the little brat when they KNOW I don't do well with children. While I don't think anyone should be forced to have an abortion, I also think people should have half a brain.

I totally agree. But I'm more pro-choice, because women should be able to make that choice.

I was just thinking about this today. I too am Pro-Abortion. Yippee