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Consider this: A fetus is not a different organism from the mother. A fetus is a body part until it is separated from the umbilical cord after birth. If you want to remove your hand, do you not have the right to? After all, your hand is living, just like a fetus. But your hand is dependent on your body, just like the fetus.

The mother has the full right to decide what to do with her offspring before the time when they would be naturally be born.

A fetus inside the womb of a mother is not living as you and I live. It cannot survive outside the mother's uterus.

In fact, up until the point where it is born, a fetus is a parasite, ravaging the mother's body and taking nutrients from her.

If the mother decides, for whatever reason, to get rid of the parasite, she has the full right to do so, no matter what trimester she is in.

It has nothing to do with whether the fetus is alive or not. Of course it is alive. My point is that it isn't a separate individual from the mother until after natural birth.

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Actually, you don't really have the right to remove your own hand. If you hurt yourself purposfully, you get Baker Acted, where you are placed in an institution/hospital for observation. I knew a girl who was threatening to harm herself and she got carted off to the Centers ( a place for people who are mentally sick or not well in some way) and had to get therapy and stuff until she stopped wanting to hurt herself.

Right or wrong desperate women will find a way to have an abortion anyways. There was a reason for roe vs wade! Read your history books people. Do you know how many women died from botched back alley or home abortions? I personally have a stock pile of cytotec for my friends and family in case they ever out law abortion, and if you don't know what that is google cytotec only abortion! it is a womans Right to choose whether or not to bring a child into this world. For me i chose abortion because i have a severely autistic child and a 1 in 5 chance of having another child with autism, well lets just say i don't like those odds. I can't physically or psychologically do this with 2 autistic kids, my son is 4 and hes already broken my nose twice headbutting while having a tantrum. He needs my full and undivided attention every day 24/7 i CANT have another baby! You can't walk in the shoes of every woman that walks through the doors of an abortion clinic. In my case ididn't go to one, i oredered a few pills online and took care of it at home.

If the baby is wanted, there is no consideration of abortion, of course. Don't assume I'm saying we should rip the fetus out of a woman's womb who would like to keep it. But there are plenty of women out there who do not want to raise a child, and they should have the right to rid themselves of it before it becomes a child.

A child is not a child until it is born. You're getting it all wrong. You're thinking that I'm saying we should kill infants, which are separate individuals, when really, all I'm saying is that the mother can choose to rid herself of a dependant embryo which consists of her own cells and leeches her own nutrients whenever she pleases.

Parasite? Aren't you glad your mother didn't think of you as a parasite?

Ulric, your statements are not consistent with science. Don't take my word for it; read what a biology textbook has to say about it. A fetus IS a distinct organism, with its own unique DNA. And it is not classified as a parasite.<br />
All you who read posts like this one, don't just absorb them without a filter. Just because Ulric wants to rationalize his position on abortion by re-writing established scientific fact doesn't make it truth.

I completely agree. There's much more to be discussed than is being discussed at the moment.

this is, at the very least, a very good and persuasive argument as to why abortion should no longer be referred to as 'murder'.<br />
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In any case, I would never have an abortion, but that is because of my personal belief on the subject, and I would never forcefully apply that belief to another's misfortune. I definitely believe that every woman should have the right to choose. But I also read that women are sometimes pressured into it by their husbands, and that, too, needs to stop. <br />
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I guess my overall impression is that if we can get past this whole 'abortion as sin' deal, then we can get to the real heart of the issue... that the matter is far more complex than that and therefore warrants far more discussion than an interpretation labeled 'sin' could allow.

Thank you! :3 I try to at least sound good. :3

Good points there.. logically structured too. ;)

^_^ Thank you :3

I like the way you think.

Thanks! Sorry if I sound a bit crude, but I don't have a very good way with making things sound nice and pretty. :) My logistical side takes over and spews these blunt and to-the-point statements that probably do sound harsh.

Very interesting post!

That's just it. It isn't a living "body". A fetus isn't a self-sustaining, living, breathing human. It's just a thing, just like your stomach is a thing, and your liver is a thing. It's an organ until you give birth to it.<br />
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And excuse me, but I would like to point out I don't believe in Christ or God as you know him. I'm willing to wage a beliefs war here if you wish. :D<br />
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It may help to inform you I'm also not Atheist. I'm pagan. :)

So when the doctors reach inside you're vagina with their skull crushers to remove a living body, all we need to do is just think of it as a hand? Your love and intelligence is more overwhelming then words can say. Yet Christ loves you and so do I. Its not your fault how you feel, but the fault of the god of this whole world that fills minds with anything that has to do with darkness. You can cut off any part of your body that you choose because thats not murder, but to torture a living body growing within your own body is murder.

Exactly! Thank you! I couldn't figure out how to say that without sounding totally evil. :)

Really? O.o I don't mean to convert - well, actually, yes, I do mean to convert pro-life people to this way of thinking... :) I'm such a hypocrite. Lol :3

that's a very different perspective from the one i usually have. i think i shall start thinking that way. it makes more sense anyway :)