*sigh*..im Tired But I Ll Say Some Things...

listen,to all those that think of leaving....

there are ppl here who hurt others,spread rumors etc bla bla bla bla ok?bla bla bla....tsk...(let god forgive them)

u get hurt -LIKE IN REAL LIFE TOO- but the main reason is to stay coz of ur REAL FRIENDS!

u wont find a site like this one.... not same ppl... not the ppl u trust...love...care...and if u do love them u dont leave them..

and trust me,ppl have bigger problems ...

drama etc?pfft .. come on... ep is good if u stay with ur good friends..those who spend so much time with u...coz they love u..

i didn say i dont understand,i know u get hurt,u have hearts...but what about ur friends?walk away without thought??

...is like deleting them-as if they never existed...

........im here coz of my real friends...

just think.....

-sorry if i sound bit different......eh...i think thats all i have to say-if u want to leave..ok..but just think first..

amysangels amysangels
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yeah i think i understand..thanku for comment gryffn..

Dear amyMA and Andrew, I'm very fond of all the people I've met in EP. It makes me happy to read the points of view from so many different countries and cultures. When someone states their opinion or tells a story--it is so generous of them to give one a peek of the world through their eyes..<br />
Much of what offends people, is offered in a spirit of "play".....The most difficult thing to learn in terms of another language or culture is---the sense of humor. Even from person to person within the same culture---much misunderstanding comes from interpreting what is meant as a joke--as rooted in malice.....even when people lash out with words--in anger---it is usually without intention of hurting others---no--simply a temporary mood ---PHanuel--I hope you enjoy EP as much as I have--mostly it is a warm, friendly and very interesting virtual community.

hey phanuel,hope u wont find problems..enjoy ep*

Thanks Gryfnn. Haven't had any problems yet but it is good to know that the option is there.

i just woke up..still sleepy..<br />
i agree with gryffin..'block' phanuel..

Dear Phanuel, There is a feature on here that allows you to "Block" people...I've never blocked anyone and have no idea how to do it ---but i'm sure there are people who would tell you about it--just ask around

On a lot of other sites there is an "ignore" button which you can click re any other users and you will no longer see anything they write.

marji...i feel as if im a politicial talking sometimes hehe

idk what u mean phanuel..

I have only just joined so bit worried about people expressing all these concerns. Is there no "ignore" function on the site allowing one to steer clear of negative people?

Thank You for a great post, Amy. I'm glad you reminded everyone that people get hurt in real life too but don't often just abandon their friends over it. True friends sometimes push each other's boundaries, but forgive each other too. <br />
<br />
I'm proud to call you one of my true friends.

Thak you for your note and sentiments. I too havve met many wonderful people and some of them have become friends and a "life-line" too. I do miss some of those who have moved on, I understand why they had too. But to my EP friends, I do cherish the times and ability to share our lives and thoughts!<br />
<br />
Thank you Amy!

yeah true family..<br />
ur not selfish june..<br />

True. I've had moments when I get tired of it all and think that leaving would be best.<br />
<br />
But then I remember how it felt when my friends left without saying goodbye... even when they say goodbye it still felt not right.<br />
<br />
I hope I'm not being selfish but I don't want any of my friends to leave.

I agree u stay for all ur true friends and work it out! hugs!!very good story..Lov ya! i'm stuck like glue through good and bad right here..same profile! till ep door closes! ur my family..not just friends thats my thoughts how i feel ..XoXo~