Zip It

There are some thoughts that I will never share with another human no matter how close they are to me .
I have been lucky enough to have the odd person person in my life who is allowed to delve into my mind and see most of the sick stuff but not all of it is there to be shared .
I know with the professionals when to shut up but i have seen fear / shock on a few doctors faces when I have explained some of the thoughts that are bouncing around my mind . 

I do get very excited when I find a fellow human who has similar thoughts to me and we can share our darkness but it happens very rarely . I have one in my life now and I'm glad to have P as he makes me feel less of a monster or alien because we share similar dark thoughts . 

It takes a very special , unique , perverted , darkly twisted human to get into some areas of my mind .

But most of the time I don't share and keep my mouth firmly zipped .
Smackhead Smackhead
70+, F
1 Response May 24, 2013

I scare the heck out of myself as well with certain feelings and thoughts.