I Am Scared Of Driving, Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Please can someone help me? I am isolated, I live in a rural place, but passed my driving test on the 2nd attempt in November 2008 with flying colours (only 1 minor , and all this with the normal examiner, plus the chief examiner of the unit, in the car, so in effect 2 people judging me) I was a nervous learner anyway! I know I can drive, but have driven 2 times alone in the time since the time of passing. I am housebound! Please help me! What is wrong with me, my husband thinks there is something, as I kow I can drive, but I am too scared too!!! SOMEONE HELP!
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I am scared to drive because of a medical condition, I am epleptic and can't drive any way. I am 58 yo and have never been scared to drive it's the seizures I am scared of not the driving. I'vehave a cusin, he is about 30 something now and drives. When he was a teen he did not want to drive, I think he was lazy and did not want to have to carry his sipplings around. Do you live in a very urban area with heavy traffic? That could be what scares you. You can spot a driver who is scared and it is scary; if you are not comfortable drivuing you should not drive.