Suddenly Terrified Of Having A Baby

I Need advice from any teen mothers.. Im almost 20 and had gotten pregnant around january.. I honestly thought i was ready for a baby and i was doing okay and thought i could do it. Im not 23 weeks pregnant and terrified I feel like my life is over and im kinda thinking i dont want this baby anymore.. I dont know why im thinking this way im also so scared im not going to be a good mother at all, i know im going to mess up who doesnt, I just dont want to fail my baby and ever dissapoint it like my mother did to me. My mom isnt supportive at all and hates my fiance and doesnt want us to be together.. i have a really great support system like my fiance's mother who is awsome and his whole family.. yet why am i still so scared. I was excited to have the baby now its all gone because its getting closer and im thinking of how bad labor will be since im going natural. Im worried about not having enough stuff for the baby and just everything. Why am I so scared.. i know nobody is EVER ready for a baby and babies dont come with manuals.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

You just need to relax. It's not going to be bad. You have your Fiance's and his family's support. Your mother will understand by time. And don't worry about the labor they'll give you an injection and then you won't feel anything. It's actually better than operations. Google it you'll see the risks in operations. Just stay with him and enjoy every precious moment.(I'm not a mom or pregnant but learnt stuff in biology,so yeah.