Too Scary to Be True

One scary story that I'll never forget is this. Once, a man killed his wife, and burried his two young daughters, (one is about 6 and the other is an enphant) alive, under the ground with their dead mum. Well, after 3 months, some people found the two daughters alive under the ground. After days, they interviewed these two girls, and they asked them what happened and how they were still alive. The 6 year old girl told them what happened and she said that a big white thing, or an angel, with blood on him, and holding something that looks like a knife, would come everyday and give her food to eat, and she also said that he made her mum alive, and her mother would breastfeed her enphant. People say that this story is true, and they want people to spread it out.

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2 Responses Mar 21, 2007

Thanks and yeah these kind of stories really make u believe in such supernatural things and i hope amazes ppl just like it amazed me

Great Story! I love a good ghost story. I do believe in ghosts and angels. I didn't use to believe in ghosts until I saw one about 4 years ago in my moms house. I always thought I would freak if I saw anything supernatural. Instead I was more shocked and surprised than anything. Anyone else out there reading ever really see a real ghost?