Scared Of The Dark!

Since I was around 12 I've had this issue where I go to sleep. I wake up and I know what's going on around me but I'm COMPLETELY paralyzed. I can't speak, I can't move my eyes, can't move my head..nothing. I remember one time I woke up with my hand hanging off the bed and I was absolutely scared because I couldn't move it. One time I heard a mans voice saying mean things about me. Sometimes I see dark figures, but I never remember how it ends or how I come out of the paralyzed state. I've only told my husband. I take sleeping pills now and try not to acknowledge it, I find if I do that it doesn't happen. Which it hasn't in about 4-5 months. Just scares me, & it can't be normal. I am terrified of the dark now.
ilovediamonds ilovediamonds
18-21, F
Sep 15, 2012