I'm A Sucker For Certain Colognes, Perfumes

I have always been super-sensitive to smells. Some of them trigger a migraine in an instant and I have to avoid them at call costs.

Others…well, others drive me crazy! There is a guy at work who wears a cologne that gets me going. I think the name of the cologne is called BOSS, but that might not be accurate.

I don't know if I am hyper-sensitive to smells or what, but certain scents about drive me over the edge. This has also been the case for some perfumes as well...
Needsuckled Needsuckled
31-35, F
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

The olfactory sense is very primal and important in our sex lives; however, for most people, it is wholly subconscious. You are fortunate to have a highly developed sensuality to detect your arousal.

What other colognes have similar effects on you?