Lydia Knows How To Have Fun

Shes a great little photographer and knows how to capture the moment. She also has a great life in Townsville australia with her schoolbuddies.
                               Its hot over there.        Dont you just wish ur college life had been like this.             Friends are so important at this age.     Creative fun with no drugs. 
                      Happy girls of youth   No mortgage payments to worry about. 
  No hassels other than having to look thier very best. 
      Arrangeing the next party or where to go on the weekend is about thier biggest problem.    Some girls Know how to have fun, and its all about not tryna be older than they are.  Enjoying others for who they are.     Simple unrestricted friendships with good friends. 
  This age passes so quickly .
                                   Dont ya just wish.
  Great times that are hard to better once in the treadmill of life. 
                                                              If only we had realised.    If only we had known  How good life was    Without baggage    and wanting to be defect and rotten    happy to just be. Fullstop.
                            Fullstop.   Even underwater.   To have friends    To have fun     To have innocence    To make the most of who you are  
                           with friends.   
lafsnack lafsnack
51-55, M
May 7, 2012