Spare The Rod? - Not Here And Especially Not Before Church

When I become my alter ego Susanne I see myself as a pre adolescent girl living with my Aunt Joan and Uncle Richard who are very strict church going people who have adopted me from an orphanage and are now raising me under a traditional regime of strict discipline and punishments. They dress me beautifully in little girl day clothes including frilly Sunday dresses and panties and I am always sent to school in a traditional school uniform. Part of the fantasy involves them paying more than lip service to the adage, 'spare the rod,' but I am subjected to other punishments as well since they fear that my education suffered while I was at the orphanage as well as being given extra home lessons by Aunt Joan. Few days go by when I do not earn some punishment or other.

If I do badly in lessons or misbehave I can expect to be given a fitting punishment from a range of sanctions including the usual spankings and canings but also things like cornertime and detentions with lines. I don't find fitting into the regime easy either and am often distracted and so do not go for very long without consequences one of which is a Sunday morning review of my behaviour which takes place after Sunday morning breakfast which is followed by family prayers.

Uncle Richard leads this review and always looks very stern as I am firstly asked to tell him all about my transgressions and any punishments I have received in the week. This will be followed by aunt Joan's account of my behaviour and her other comments on my conduct. Woe betide me if I leave any issues out of my account which Aunt Joan remembers. After this Uncle Richard looks very grave and announces if I am to have a further spanking that morning before church.

If that is the case, as it often is, I know I will have to go over his knee with my dress raised and my panties pulled down for a hard hand spanking from him. Uncle has very big hands and he brings them down firmly several times on my upturned bottom before he asks a now tearful me if I have learned my lesson?

"Oh yes uncle I sob," and then aunt Joan will say yes or no as to wether she thinks I have and that I might be allowed to prepare for church. Usually this does not happen at the first asking and I may be given several further smacks before I am let down. I am told not to rub on any account and I now know I will have to sit in church with my new family trying hard not to fidget despite the hot bottom I am sitting on.

Woe betide me later at bedtime if Aunt Joan feels I have wriggled too much during the reverend's sermon as well since I can expect to face her then for a bedtime spanking and the whole process will start again and I can look forward to another warmed bottom the following Sunday.
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56-60, M
Jan 19, 2013