Creepy Teacher

Spanish class the worst class to take in your high school years, a class that can make you an "A" to a "F" student. Not to mention that teacher were just horrible, how he got a job i dont know, but the day he got fired was the happiest day of my life, and that day ended all my years of every taking or speaking spanish again.

I walk into that class and i only had one friend in the class joey, of dreind that i have known forever, she has always been there to help me when i need it the most.

To day was the day we learn a whole new vocabulary, house supplies, including the rooms and all. Just another day of useless information that i didn't. My teacher was Tod, Cinro Tod. He had juts graduated from collage about 4 years ago, and replaced our old spainsh teacher whom was no better. Now he was maybe late 20's, though he looked younger he wasn't, he had a weird stand to his body, like in the past he ws beat up and now was loopsided.

"I really do hate this class," i whisper into my friends ear.

"Maybe you juts need to give it chance," She said writting down the notes.

"I don't think," i never got ot finish because Cinro Tod inturrpted me.

"Victoria, are you really talking in my class. When this is information you need more than anyone else in this class?" he said with smerk on his face.

My face got hot, as everyone looked at me, i guess i derserved to get called out infront of the class, but what he didn't next he, didn;t have to do.

"Yeah, i' sorry," i said.

"Dont be sorry, just don't do it again," he said.

I looked down at my notebook and was about to start writing, but i just felt like it wasn't worth it anymore, i'm already failing whats the point.

"Victoria come here,"

I put my pencil down and walked up to his desk.

"Everyone else continue your work,"

He pulled me to the side of his desk to, keep things more secretive.

"You have inturrupted my class, to many times today," he said. I thought tp myslef *Once is to much?* "and it's not ok,"

"I undertsand and i'm sorry, ill get back to my work," i said about ot leave, when touched my hand. Something was slid in the palms of my hand it felt like paper.

I looked back at him, and he stood up quickly , and i took a step back, and i went back to my set, looked down at my palm witht he paper in it and it read.
"201) 677-3125" I crumpled the paper in my hand and racedout of the class when the bell rang.

It was lunch time, and i was waiting inline thinking about that paper. Then i left where i was standing in the lunch line to go talk to Tod, and when i got there he was sitting in his chair facing the door like he was waiting for me.

I took a deep breath in and shut the door behind. I will admit and i don't know why, but i was embarassed to mention the paper he gave me, but the whole thing was wrong, and it made me uncomfortable to talk about.

"Take this back, this is all wrong," and i put the note on his desk. The look on his face was hurt and disappointed. he picked up the note and opened it.

"No one needs to know Victoria," he said

"Your right no one needs to know, because we are going to forget about it, like this never even happened!" i said i turned around to walk away.

But he yelling my name and says.

"I can shange your grade Victoria. I can make you an "A" student again," he tilted his head as he said it.

The first thing that came to mind was * i need to get out of here, and tell someone.

"Thats sick," i said as i excited the door.

The first place i went was to the office to reprot him, and then i went to the police that watched over the school and told him as well. During the last hour of the day there was a commotion in the hall coming from Tods rooms. Then i was pulled out of class to answer some pointless questions about what happened, and then i was taken home after the question, Cinro Tod was fried. Did he go to jail? I don't know, but i never took spanish ever again and it has been 2 years since that happened.
Victoria1996 Victoria1996
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Feb 7, 2013