I Have A Fetish For Grey School Uniforms

I am 49 years old, though strangers often guess my age at 30. I was sent to a traditional all boys boarding school when I was 7 years old. The uniform was a grey jumper, grey socks, grey shirt, and grey shorts. I have a hazy memory of when I began to develop a sort of sexual attachment to certain grey school jumpers, the shade of grey, the feel of the material the ribbing on the vee and the cuffs were all aspects of the jumper that dictated how attractive it was to me.

By the time an older pupil persuaded me to fondle him I had my fetish well underway. In my turn I too had schoolboy sex with other pupils, some younger some older that me and all the while my attraction to grey school uniforms grew and grew, it's not that I am not attracted to other colours, indeed I am, dark blue in particular, but grey is my favourite.

I will continue this account if some people comment positively on what I have started off with and if some people indicate what aspects of the story they would like me to focus on, I will factor those suggestions into the story. My story, if people want to hear it, will include the gory details of my school boy sexual activities then go on charting my sexual history to date. I have not told this story to anyone before now, as far as I'm aware, all my friends believe me to be straight but I have kept my uniform fetish hidden even from some of my female sexual partners.

with the exception of the furtive groping of a sleeping male friend whom I had a monumental crush on, it was the most exhilarating thing that I have ever done, giving oral sex to a sleeping same sex friend was such a risk, I had no clear idea if he would go completely crazy if he woke up but I could not stop myself from taking the chance, possibly the only chance that I would ever get to give him oral, that I went ahead and did it.

I have often wondered if he was pretending to be asleep, he does know that I am attracted to him but he gives off mixed signals so I am content to wait for him to make a move on me, but I have decided that I wont force the issue as our friendship is very deep and I would not like to compromise it. Funnily enough fantasizing about having sex with him in our uniforms, provides me with great pleasure, the strange thing is that I have not had gay sex since I left my second boarding school at the age of 19. I dated one girl for eleven and a half years but I never even hinted at having had gay experiences, similarly strange is the fact that I am not generally attracted to men but gay sex has come to predominate my thoughts when I **********, I sometimes do this wearing a girls skirt and tights, or a jumper dress. One of the things that may have influenced my gay fantasies may have been my experimenting with ************ under the influence of many different drugs, pretty much all positive I'd have to say. But the fantasies that I generally call to the fore are the ones set back in my boarding school days, either recalling the past sexual experiences that I had, or manufacturing scenarios of sex with some of the boys that I fancied but for one reason or another, never managed to have sex with.

I have had some very interesting sexual experiences and my sexual attraction to grey vee neck school jumpers fascinates me. I have a sort of generalized response to clothing that I don't find attractive on another person, as I realize that I am influenced to a great degree in how attracted I am to a person by the clothing that they wear and the "feel" of the material, in the same manner some of the pharmaceuticals I have consumed, namely Ritalin, can also have a large effect on how attractive I perceive someone to be.

The reason I am willing to share this story with others, is I suppose partly the thrill of being able to be honest but at the same time remain hidden. It will probably be a great buzz to do as well. Anyway feel free to leave comments and I'll take it from there.
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mmmm I love grey school uniforms xx

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Loved your story. I had the same experiences at school in the 70s at an all boys school. I was attracted to many boys especially those in grey jumpers. I never got as close to those I had a crush on as I wished, but the sight or feel of their jumpers was a turn on. In those days there were light and dark grey, loved the soft feel and if the jumpers were slightly worn. I used to love seeing boys in their jumpers without blazers. If I found a jumper in the sports hall I would feel the material and imagine who would be wearing it. I would love to hear more of your stories and share some of mine

Great to hear your story. I'm a huge fan of grey school uniforms as well, particularly the knitwear like the grey V necks and socks with matching trim

Hi Schoolsocks Im glad you liked my story, and its great to hear that you also like the grey Veck jumpers. Have you any stories that you would like to share I"d love to hear them in detail. I have loads more stories of my times at boarding school, I went at the age of 7 so all my formative sexuality relates to gay (and some straight) sex at school, this continued into secondary with my jumper fetish growing. The grey jumper became a sort of signal emblem for some of us to wear thus covertly signaling to each other as well as seeking out possible willing partners.

oh please tell about the little signals xx

I am now very much a devotee of the uniform I wore at prep boarding school from gae 8 - 13. Like you I engaged in sexual activity as and when it was available during those exploratory years. I loved the uniform especially the grey school shorts. I spend as much of my time as i can so dressed. i especially like grey but navy blue is as interesting.
I have never experimented with the chemical enhancements and i think I never would. I am always keen to see and be seen by other friends who also like to wear school uniform of those time at prep school.

I have feelings like you. I was at boarding school from 12 to 16. I think that you should enjoy your feelings but with out the drugs. I have school uniforms that I wear most days and that includes jersey's. Sex with other boys at boarding school is a fact of life and I did enjoy it.

my fave fantasy is me at a boy's boarding school having lots of fun with my chums xx

I liked your story and I am in tune with you on the grey school uniforms. I think I developed my fetish around the same age, but as I went to a mixed school, I also developed a fetish for girls school uniform too. I am particularly attracted to childrens shoe styles, and only taking a size 7, it is still possible to get hold of them. If you were to continue your story I would really like you to concentrate on your memories of your uniforms, shoes and sandals.
Thomas xx