Boys Deserve The Right To Wear Skirts To School

There to be acceptance and tolerance with boys who wish to wear skirts and dresses to school. I have a mother who's child does wish to wear skirts to school but the child is being denied this. I do feel for the child who doesn't like being in pants or shorts. So I ask this, why is it ok for girls to wear what they want and nothing is said about it? Boys on the other hand are not afforded the same options. It is like the schools do not want to accept or tolerate this at all. It is just so one sided with them favoring the girls and not the boys. Schools should be teaching this instead of blocking boys from expressing themselves. I am so sick and tired of hearing schools sending home Johnny for wearing a skirt to school. They use the disrurption reason why boys cannot do this. How is wearing a skirt to school a problem? Please. It is like your telling males that you wish for them to be hot and uncomfortable while in school. Chris Whitehead sure made his point across with his protesting being hot by not being allowed to wear shorts. He did borrow one of his sisters skirts with his moms blessing. How narrow minded you are with that line of thinking that boys need to be hot. You keep forgetting that males bodies do need this to be healthy and offer them air ciruculation where it is needed most. It has nothing, absolutlely nothing to do with their sexual orientation. The greeks and romans wore skirts and they fought in wars long before pants were invented and nothing was ever said about their sexual orientation way back when. So I stand fully behind this mother and child who wants to wear what they want to school and elsewhere. To the teachers and school administrators who read this, you do need to change your way of thinking on this. Your positions are becoming very outdated by today's standards Boys do deserve acceptance and tolerance too. Ask yourselves this question, Why are you sending the messege of having boys be overheated and uncomfortable in school when girls can wear what they please? There is plenty of medical evidence that indicates the need for boys to wear skirts. By denying boys the right to wear what is comfortable is not teaching them acceptance or tolerance. It is no wonder why many are protesting existing dress codes. I will set up an album to demonstrate what the new dress codes could look like for boys in school to allow for freedom of expression. So just start teaching this now and stop being so narrow minded. Educate yoursleves.
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Id have loved the opportunity to wear a skirt to school as like the boy in question i think they do look so smart and shouldnt be just for girls as girls do wear trousers and nothing will be said.I am at present about to take my 8yr old son to school and i guarantee the their will be at least a dozen girls at the school in trousers,I think they should advertise it as a school uniform option rather than boys/girls uniform.

Some modern mothers have started buying skirts and some dresses for their sons. They too say that to assign of gender to a piece of cloth is silly. In my neighborhood are 7 such mothers. While they still cannot send them to school in the skirts, the boys still play outside, ride their bikes and do just like the other boys in the neighborhood. The other boys play with them and nothing is ever said. So are you going to become a modernist mom and do away with genderization of clothing. Remember clothing does not make a person go gay, that is genetic.

The schools don't want to change, they tolerate gay students but don't protect them. The excuse of disruption really doesn't hold water. The majority of the kids in school don't care, but the schools cater to the bullies, the minority of all the kids in school. They cater to the jocks not the intellectuals.<br />
They promote machoism over proper behaviors towards each other. There records speak for themselves.

As Miss Billie says 'Right on"
It amazes me that one can get a scholarship to Collage just by playing football and being a jock.

i do not see why it matters about boys wearing dresses.from what i have seen,you are right.girls today can just about wear nothing and its allowed.if i could have worn something when i was 16 that was comfortable i would have been happy.i do not like the idea of the boys in is not me,but i do not believe i should force my ideals on your kids.i had to wear a diaper to school.i got beat up.i agree a school should try to teach acceptance.because not everyone can wear jeans,shorts.i got all f`s because i would not wear shorts in gym.they even went as far as a paddling.when my mom found out she let them have,stand tall,and stand by your boys.

This is obviously SO ONE-SIDED, Justin. Does a female student get sent home for wearing jeans and a T-shirt and sneakers? No! Because that is generally accepted today. I believe most young females know what dresses are but say "Ew, I hate wearing dresses", while especially the feminine boys want nothing more than to have the right to be pretty for school. Many times my mother fought the system so she could send her special daughter to school dressed properly as a GIRL. My last two years of high school was when I wore mostly dresses, skirts, sweaters or blouses, stockings and high heels to school. I didn't care what the CODE was, I was becoming a young woman! And I was taught during my feminization process that proper young ladies wear mostly dresses and skirts and heels.

No Betty girls are NOT sent home for dressing in boys clothing. It doesn't matter if they are jeans or boys dress pants, or boys shirts. However let a boy wear a skirt or dress to school and it is like he has leprosy with runny sores. Boys are compelled to take P.E. even if they have no athletic abilities, girls are not. These are sexist requirements set forth by old men who run the school boards.