Tramp Tease

I am so horny right now. I'm lying on my bed, naked, with my legs spread wide. My **** is throbbing and my ***** is warm and wet, needing to be filled with your big, hard ****. I'm touching myself right now - rubbing my ***** juices on my ****. My breathing is heavy and my breasts are rising and falling, my nipples are hard and sensitive. I imagine you lying next to me, watching; stroking that beautiful **** as you see my fingers slide inside me. You lean over and kiss me softly and I moan with pleasure...

I’m desperate for you now. I take your **** into my mouth, running my tongue up the length of your shaft, tasting you. I flick my tongue over your sensitive spot and slip the head in through my lips; I suck gently while running my tongue all over it, tasting your pre-*** that is leaking out. Your hips start to buck as u try to push further inside my willing mouth and you growl in frustration as I pull away. You grab me and throw me on the floor "*****! You think you can tease me you ****!?!" You straddle me and shove your **** into my mouth, face ******* me, making me gag; forcing me to give you pleasure...

You keep your **** at the very back of my throat making me gag over and over. You pull out when you think I’ve had enough, letting me catch my breath, but then you put it back in the same position. You wrap your fingers through my hair, grabbing my head and controlling how you want your **** sucked by me. Soon you can’t take any more and shoot your load into my mouth. I try to spit it out but you grab my face "Swallow it all you dirty little ****"...

I swallow your thick *** and try to catch my breath. My eyes are watering from your hard **** being buried in my throat. "You liked that, didn’t you *****?" you sneer. I shake my head ‘no’ and you laugh. "You’re lying. Your ***** is soaked." I shake my head again, determined not to admit the fact that my body responded to you. You climb off of me and pull me onto your lap, bending me over and exposing my bare ***. "You need to be taught a lesson, you lying little *****" you bring your hand down on my *** hard. I squeal from the stinging pain. You laugh and spank me again, leaving red marks on my exposed cheeks. "The more you squeal, the more I’ll spank you. Take it like the little ***** you are!"

After a few more slaps I bite my lip, trying not to squeal. You stop, spreading me open and touching my hole. My ***** is so wet. "See? You’re just a lying little *****, aren’t you?" I stay quiet "Answer me!" You spank me again hard and then slide your fingers in my wet *****. I moan as the pain and pleasure mix and you laugh again "Answer me *****!" you command as your hand comes down again; your fingers then returning to my *****.
"Yes" I moan, ashamed and excited. You slide your fingers in and out of my *****, coating them with my juices. Then you start to circle my *** with my wetness. I gasp "please don’t" I beg "I’ve never..." too late... your finger slides inside my ***...

You pull your fingers back out and get them wet again from my juices, then slide it back inside me. You keep going until I plead for you to stop. You spank my *** again hard "Do you really think you’re in any position to tell me to stop, you *****? There’s a penalty for that kind of behaviour." You spank me a few more times, then move into position, spread my cheeks wide and place your **** on the edge of my entrance. “No! No! No!” I beg, but my pleas fall on deaf ears as you push with one hard thrust. Your **** buries itself deep inside me, your balls slapping my *****. I scream "Please stop!" but you don’t listen. You start up a rhythm and begin to **** my *** slowly and steadily, moaning as my tight hole grips your ****...

I can feel my *** stretching to accommodate your huge, stiff **** as you push your way in and start to plough me. I can feel your **** getting harder and harder as you get more aroused by ******* my virgin ***. You hold on to my hips and pull me back onto you with each thrust, reaching deep within me. Your rhythm picks up pace and the pain starts to subside as the pleasure starts to build. I can hear you moaning now as you enjoy me "Oh yeah, you ******* ****" you moan again, slapping my *** "Take it all *****!" You start to moan louder as you pound me hard, relentless. "Do you like it *****?" I don’t answer. You spank me again and **** me even harder “Answer me ****. Do you like me ******* you up the ***?” I shake my head no, but a moan escapes me. You know I’m lying and you drive into me again and again. “So you do like it *****? Tell me how it feels. Tell me the truth or I will hurt you” you threaten, grabbing my hair and slapping my *** cheek again...

To be continued...
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So you know this story made *** harder than the last message I posted for you. Thank You!!!

Sweet, thank you. I will consider recording them, it might be fun. Trouble is I get so wet while writing them; imagine how wet my panties would be if I read them out loud! Lol.

I have a read a number of your stories now and I cannot begin to tell you how aroused I am sitting here. I wish I could satisfy myself right now because your words are so incredibly desc<x>riptive I can image it all in my head. I will have to wait until I am able, but I will return to this story. Have you ever recorded your stories said in your voice? It would be incredible to hear you describe it the way you feel them. <br />
<br />
It makes my **** throb sitting here thinking of having a **** inside of your mouth or ***.

I love the thought of your **** hardening when reading my stories. xXx

You are a deliciously dirty little ******!

letsc2010: I know just where to get my inspiration from ;)

Chastity? Oh my!

My dicks so hard it hurts and can't do anything about it. Your stories are to much to handle while in chastity.

you sure to write some hot stuff!

Ooo I like. Message me for some private inspiration. x

A blindfold is bound tight around your eyes and you are ordered not to move. You hear footsteps across the room and turn your head but can see nothing. Is that just one pair of footsteps or did you hear more....?

Now your *** has been broken in, perhaps it's time for you to be blindfolded so you can't see what's going to happen next.

I promise I will write a new story with you as my muse babe. X

Love it you dirty girl! That virgin *** needs a good seeing to!