Marked (previously titled Captivated)

You’re at the local supermarket, when you notice a young, pretty girl filling her basket. You catch her eye and smile, she smiles meekly and turns away. As you’re in the car park, you see the same girl loading her shopping into her car, she drops a bag and you rush to help her retrieve her items. She smiles again and thanks you. You’re captivated.

Over the next few days you seem to spend a lot more time at the supermarket, but she doesn’t show up until the following week – same time, same day. You try to think of ways to start up a conversation, but you’re brain doesn’t seem connected to your mouth. The following week, you’re there again waiting. You’re curious where she goes and so on an impulse you decide to follow her. It becomes increasingly difficult to be discreet as the road leads further away from civilization, but somehow you manage it until she arrives at a beautiful cottage, surrounded by woodland and open fields.

You approach the cottage window and watch as she unpacks her shopping and sets about her daily routine. You sit there for hours just watching. You return the next day and the day after, unable to take your eyes of this beautiful woman. At night you sit by her bedroom window watching as she undresses, admiring her pert breasts and beautiful ***, you’re **** getting so hard.

One night something changes, she doesn’t slip on her nightgown, instead she lies on the bed naked, spreading her legs and exposing her gorgeous *****. She then reaches down and touches herself. From where you sit, you have a perfect view of that moist slit as she rubs her juices over her ****. Her breathing quickens and her free hand moves up to her breast, massaging it and pulling on the erect nipple. Her back arches and her eyes close as she enjoys the sensations she gives to her body. You can’t stand the ache anymore; you desperately need to relieve yourself. You begin to stroke as you watch the amazing scene unfold in front of your very eyes...
The next day, you arrive at her cottage, parking in full view of the house and lift the bonnet. You knock on the door, explaining that you’ve broken down and ask to use her phone. You know as soon as you’re inside the house you’ll be able to charm her. But once you try to start up a conversation, she seems to get nervous. If you could just hold her and tell her how much you love her, she’d realised you were meant to be together.
But as you reach out for her, she pulls away. Why is she pulling away? You catch her arm; she spins and slaps you hard across the face, then makes a grab for the telephone. You naturally tighten your grip and pull her towards you. She trips and hits the floor with a thud, but she’s still struggling to get free. You hold her down with your weight and rip the telephone from the wall, using the cord to tie her. You tie a hand to each ankle and bind the ankle to the thigh. It didn’t have to be this way.
You head to the kitchen and return with some duct tape and a sharp knife. The light catches the blade and she screams. “Shhh, it’s alright” you tell her as you tape her mouth and begin to slice away her clothes. She lies perfectly still, not moving a muscle, letting you work. When you’re done, she’s lying there naked, exposing her body for you to see. It’s even more beautiful than you remember it from the previous night. Replaying the scene you witnessed makes your **** quiver with anticipation.
You stand and remove your clothes, unable to take your eyes from the sight before you. She watches as you *****, her eyes following the contours of your body; your shoulders, chest, abs, and then they come to rest on your hard ****. She gasps and starts to struggle with her bonds, but you’ve tied them well. She closes her legs, but you know it's useless; you'll easily be able to open her up. You watch her exquisite breasts rising and falling with each heavy breath and step slowly toward her, savouring the moment.
You kneel down and pry her legs apart effortlessly and run your fingers along her silky, soft thighs, inching your way closer to that beautiful *****. You had planned on taking your time, but you’re impatient to feel her sweetness surround you. You spread her luscious lips with your fingers and guide your **** head in, penetrating her. There is some resistance as you press inside. It’s
a tight fit; obviously it’s been a while and that turns you on all the more, knowing you’re the first in a long time to bring this woman pleasure.
 The suddenness in which you’ve entered causes her to cry out. The muffled sound shames you, you’ve hurt her. “Shhh, it’s alright” you comfort her, pulling back and pushing again a little deeper, letting her get used to your size. Out and in a little more each time, slowly. You feel her moisten the deeper you get and you begin to pick up speed. By the time you have driven in to the hilt, she is noticeably wetter.
The rubbing sensation feels more gratifying. You start to pick up the pace as you can feel her body responding to you. Your breathing becomes heavier as you start to really plough into her now. Your huge **** hits her sweet spot, your pelvic bone rubs against her **** and your full balls slap against her ***. She’s shaking her head again and again, but you know she doesn’t want you to stop.

The sensation of being inside her is intense. She’s tight around your **** as you thrust again and again; driving deeper and deeper. A muffled moan escapes her and you know her ****** is building. She’s breathing harder now and her **** bounce with each thrust. You lean down and take a nipple in your mouth - sucking, licking, and playing with it - all the time ******* her hard. Her head rolls, her back arches and you know that she’s seconds away from *******.
You feel her *** beneath you, her ***** pulsating around your ****, gripping you and spurring you on. You taste her delicious nipples as your **** pistons, spreading her wide and ploughing deep. Her ****** doesn’t stop, it keeps going, wave after wave rippling through her body. Her muffled screams of pleasure, her hips bucking to meet yours drive you wild. She needs you inside her, needs to feel you deep within her under-used ****. Her juices are flowing down your **** onto your balls as they slap against her.
You start to groan yourself as again you feel her ***** milking your ****, seeming to pull you in harder, deeper than any other **** has ever been. So warm, so wet, so inviting...
As she screams and groans, you redouble your efforts, slamming hard and fast and deep, penetrating to the door of her womb, knowing you will soon be spraying your seed there. She is so tight and wet that you feel like you’re in heaven. Your balls feel cool with the wetness which has spread between you and covered your hips. You lift your torso to watch her **** dance, to see your ****, glistening with her ***, stroking relentlessly into her soaked ****. Her orgasmic response is intoxicating, as you reveal her for the **** she truly is.

You will be ******* deep within her soon, so very soon...
She feels that you’re close and spreads her legs wider, allowing you even deeper access as you thrust. She watches you as your hips meet hers. You know she sees your hungry eyes devouring her body. You peel the tape from her mouth as you bury your **** deep, releasing the torrent of *** from your heavy balls. Yesssss! You are in ecstasy as your *** floods her ****, pooling inside her. You kiss her deeply and enjoy her enthusiastic response as she returns the kiss.

The kisses absorb your attention. The perfume of your combined sex floods your nostrils, adding spice to the heat and the passion. Although you expect your **** to soften, the fever has you remaining hard buried deep within her... 
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that maid me hard as a rock....can't wait to read the next one and blow my nut

Thank you. Hope it turned you on ;)

Tell me what you do with those panties..... I want to know like you cannot beleive.

Yummy! Now I'm all wet again!

You create an incredible image sCr3am powerful, erotic, forbidden, part of me knows it is wrong, but the other part knows it is what I want. As I told I would post when I came from reading it. My **** is still erect, my chest and covered in my stick ***, my **** still shaking and I am going to read another story now so that I may *** again knowing how much your words have aroused me.

Part 2 has been added. Where next guys? Don't be shy!

I'm all worked up and can't do anything about it.

well that got me hard. Thank you!