Singlish, Yeah Single

So on March 1st I met an awesome guy. who is seperated...grrr! well turns out his wife had an affair with a woman and she now prefers women. OK!  that works, been out of the home 6+ months... So 3 dates in one week! cool guy,totally my style.... My Future boyfriend...
Nope... about 2 moths later and  he has let me know along with me he also seeing another lady, known for awhile actually... So touche, I dated another guy... 

Well guy number 1 is not valuing me, not showing me the attention I need...(& I am not that needy, but dont ignore me either)
and guy 2 is not worth my time, kinda knew that after our first date....

So I guess I am single

wish guy 1 would ditch the girl who lives an hour away...OH welll... GRRR
angiekalamazoo angiekalamazoo
36-40, F
2 Responses Apr 29, 2011

dang. too bad. it sounds like, but you seem so attractive to me. Don't give up on what you think is real life for you. I like your openness. Don't settle for any kind of sharing that conflicts with faithfulness.

got tired of waiting and chasing so I threw in the towel. and now we are friends each with an important other person in out life.