I Do It a Little Differently...

My scrapbook isn't photos I've taken or concert tickets, or even especially "prettied up."

I started making my scrapbook whilst I was in uni. I was stuck in the hell-hole of halls and couldn't wait to have a place of my own, so I started collecting pictures from magazines of interior design styles I liked, colour charts from diy stores, scraps of material etc.

I bought my own place a few months back and I already had a source of inspiration I could turn to when decorating. My house isn't anywhere near finished yet (and knowing me, as soon as it is, I'll start again!) but I've used SO MANY elements from my scrapbook! I've also started working from the back now too, with recipes and "how-to" sheets from magazines. It's a great resource.

liquoricelady liquoricelady
26-30, F
Mar 27, 2008