I Don't As Much As I'd Like to

I do love scrapbooking & wish that I did it more often and better.  I don't keep up with the trends, since I want to concentrate on using the supplies I've collected over the years instead of shopping for new ones.  I have so many stories to share and love journaling on the computer, using tons of fun fonts!

I started when my mom was in the hospital getting an angioplasty.  It was the first (and only) time I was ever in the home alone overnight.  I decided that I'd pick up some papers, find some fun scissors/paper edgers, and try telling stories that the pictures stashed in the boxes told.  My first pages are SO primitive, but they tell the story and I don't want to re-do them.  I did better with time, but got busier and lost the time to do them.

One day, I hope I have a craft room where I can spend time with my music going on and my crafting happening!

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1 Response May 31, 2008

Yes your right. I almost redid mine too. Glad I didn't either. I first started scrapbooking after my father past away. And of course that was my first book. My father from child to father. It really help me be close to him and help fight my depression.