My Bfs Mom's Judgment

I'm a new scrapbooker my BFs mom is a pro. Now that our one year just passed I want 2 make a first year scrapbook 4 us. I baught everything I need & all the photos are ready 2 go. His mom says 2 me "I can make it since ur new at this & I'll do better work." I know she ment well but it's my book. So I've now gotta step up my game on this one & prove 2 her I'm just as good if not better! But Im not sure I have the time 2 with teaching & finishing up college. Eek what did I get my self in2!
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If you want to make your own then do just that. She should be able to understand that you wanna make it yourself and you wanna give him something that YOU made for HIM not something his mom made for him. Just take your time with it, you're going to do a great job. You have a full time job so yes it might take some time but if you really wanna do this i know you will =). The end result will be worth the work and effort. I wish you tons of luck, I'm not really creative with things like that so i doubt i could ever do it lol but you are a teacher so you prob have to do a lot of arts and crafts type things, you will do great and he will love the scrapbook!!! <3 =)

Thank u :) I'm determined now! &amp; my bf doesn't understand scrapbooking he says it's a waist of paper lol

haha that def sounds like a thing a guy would say lolll...oh, you gotta love em' =p

Ya when he sees my crapbooking mess he says I looks like a tornado hit my desk I'm like honey it's art he rolls his eyes lol he's way 2 much of a mans man some times

haha yea but see when a guy says stuff like that i wouldnt take it to heart....they just dont get that sort of stuff and well it's normal lol. It's a bit funny though lol

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