Where Do I Start?!??!

OMG!?!!?!!? I have been scrapbooking for about 7 years now. I have amassed literally thousands or dollars worth of product! I have completed dozens of books and other projects. But then I look at the magazines and the websites and wish my layouts looked like that. Then I think maybe if I used that 'insert product name here' I would get the same result. Whatever! There are so many things out there I just don't even know what's going on anymore?!!?!? Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by this, the amout and variety of products I mean????I just want to preserve my families history beautifully... Goodness! Sometimes it's just so overwhelming that I don't even work on current projects!!!!

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2 Responses Jun 28, 2007

I know just what you mean! I have an enormous stash too, so I have recently promised myself not to buy ANYTHING more! Apart from the absolutely necessary stick it stuff. I have also stopped buying magazines. I will allow myself a magazine once I have completed 4 pages, or once every 4 months. <br />
I absolutely have to get through at least 25% of my stash before I will allow myself to buy more. <br />
There is only ONE exception. My husband wants our Wedding Photo Album redone as the photos are yellowing. I will allow myself to purchase Wedding related items PROVIDED I know exactly what I need to complete a particular page. I go through my photos, design a page and then go out and look for what I need, and stick strictly to the shopping list! The only extra I may buy is something that inspires another Wedding Page.<br />
It's working for me. and I'm even getting inspired by this. I've had ideas for pages for almost all of my albums, floating around in my head for ages, and I'm actually getting them done now, without being distracted by all the new stuff in the shops and on-line.

I think that you just have to remember why you want to scrapbook. For most it's preserving memories and being creative at the same time! My first scrapbooks are by far my favorites but will by no means be published! Also most craft stores have classes (which are great if you want to make friends and learn!!) Good luck to you!!!