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I Know About Itching

A while ago I started to get an itchy scrotum.I did not have burning urine,genital rashes,discharges or ejaculatory symptoms .I let this go because I have no history that could cause an std.Later the itching has become more generalized with intermittent outbreaks of hives and rashes on distant places.Then I .start getting bouts of bloody urine.I get these blood and urine tests by my GP and nothing.I just had a CT scan done today,ordered by a urologists.I hope the CT scan shows something because as I sit here I scratch my scrotum and tha scabs on my legs.My itching does not stop unless I scratch till I bleed.
gityergameon gityergameon 41-45, M 1 Response Oct 4, 2010

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I'm really sorry, it sounds a torment. Hope you get a diagnosis. This is just a thought, but Phenergan is a really great pharmaceutical agent with few side effects, and when other anti-histamines fail, Phenergan works. (I know, you dont sound as if you have an allergy, but I have seen this work with various problems that cause itching). Perhaps you might ask your doctor whether it would be okay to try it (in the UK you can buy it over the counter). You could also look it up online and do your own research. Newer drugs have pushed it to the back of the queue, but Phenergan impressed me no end when I got chickenpox for example, years ago. the itching was unbearable, and was so bad I was admitted to hospital. the first thing they did was stand me in a bowl of water and wash all the calamine lotion off me with a sponge, then they gave me Phenergan. Within half an hour the itching had completely gone. <br />
<br />
Now I know your symptoms are quite different, and I want to make it clear I am not saying this is the answer for you, I havent a clue if it may be or isnt. But it may be worth checking with your doctor whether this medicine could control the symptoms until your diagnosis is finalised. I know how ghastly severe itching can be, and if the skin heals, the itching diminishes, so it is probably in your interest to stop scratching, - a very hard thing to do when you are so very itchy. Good luck with the urologist.