Just One Time

my husband calls me,  and says "I just wrecked your car"



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12 Responses Mar 30, 2008

i'll check you cats later, i gotta go back to dblongwo's and eat Some Brownies.......<br />
<br />
you guys can come with,,, Brownies YUm

she doesn't partake...or else I would!

MS, I think you need to change your mood. You're not bored anymore!! Your partyin'!

thank god your sister found it for you, i would have to throw her some for that ONe.......HIgh Five<br />
<br />
Shew, we are partying tonight.............<br />
<br />
if you got'em............<br />

well, I was gonna say how I lost my pot tonight, and my sister found it in the trash...and I didn't scream. pretty cool. My temper has really tempered!<br />
Funny story about your car!

i'm sorry Brutmystik, i am buzzing tonight.........<br />

when I comment on this I lose my internet connection...

LMAO, you are right!!! i was in total shock, that i had left it there to begin with, How was i suppose to know they were going to clean the inside of my car...... they were just suppose to fix the bumper,,,,,,,,,,<br />
dblongwo, i was the girl in the trailer park who drove the camaro, trailer park girl for realzzzzzzz

gotta agree w/db on that one

At least they didn't smoke it...

it was just my year old black t-top bad *** camaro... <br />
yep, i love fast cars.......<br />
my husband told me a dog ran out in front of him.... the front bumper was hanging crooked and he had it held together with one of my boy's stereo head phones...........<br />
when i got the car fixed, i left a "J" in the car.. i was so embarrassed because they put it in the ash tray for me...

You're a better woman than me. After making sure no one was hurt, I'd scream in his ear!!!!!!!!!!!!